High school is a crucial phase of your child’s life where they face a lot of confusion, spur of emotions and physical as well as psychological changes. In such a time, school plays an important part to channelize their excitement and energy properly and efficiently. Hence, it becomes imperative to choose a school that is best for your child and caters to his/her needs fully. 

Staying in Dubai is a wholesome experience in itself. It is not just a perfect tourist destination, but also a place for various educational opportunities. Dubai is in fact known to be the Education Hub as it provides every facility in terms of education to local as well as international students. Schools and colleges have true commitment towards education. Students are motivated to learn and explore in the school atmosphere. Students all over the world come here for higher education so they can interact with multinational, multicultural student communities. 

One of the most well known and reputed good schools in Dubai for your child who has entered  high school is The Global Indian International School.

GIIS is especially a great option for students and parents who are looking for Indian Schools in Dubai. This high school in Dubai not only focuses on academics but overall well-being of the students. Happiness is the key to a fruitful learning experience, hence GIIS provides such a school environment to the students to turn them into lifelong happy learners. Being amongst the best international schools in Dubai, value-based education and cultural awareness are two elements they offer to make the students highly valued and global professionals.

Two factors that outshine GIIS from the rest are its superior academic offerings and commitment of growth of each student.

Recognition for Excellence

GIIS has been accoladed by both national and international organisations for its quality and excellence, in areas like management processes, operational methodologies and curriculum delivery. They follow a motto of “Schools That Learn” as they improve themselves with every passing year. GIIS campuses are well-equipped with modern facilities to make students’ academic journey technology oriented.  In order to make room for academic learning as well as creative expression for kids, they have also built the infrastructure around both academic and extracurricular activities. The school promises to make learning a happy experience for  students and offer them high-class facilities.

CBSE Curriculum

Students enjoy a lot of freedom and flexibility while choosing a curriculum. They have the option to choose an Indian or international curricula to personalise their learning journey. GIIS offers CBSE programmes for class 1 to 12, the famous Global Montessori Programme for kids in pre-school and the IB Diploma Programme for students after Grade 10. For students in high school, GIIS offers the CBSE programme that is personalised and best suited for the child’s mental growth. The pedagogy followed by CBSE prepares students from Classes 1 to 12 for further competitive examinations while easing their entry into the leading universities around the globe. It is a highly accepted curriculum across the world. This approach to holistic education and ample focus on extracurricular activities make GIIS one of the best CBSE schools in Dubai. It allows students to focus completely on academics, as well as hone their interests in sports and extracurricular activities.

CBSE’s global curriculum includes built-in activities and exercises which promote trans-curricular learning. Teachers help the students to apply their knowledge in various different contexts and encourage them to engage in higher level of reasoning skills. Academics are put at the forefront of the CBSE programme. Students enjoy the golden opportunity to apply knowledge, principles and values to more than one academic subject simultaneously and understand concepts better..

 CLSP Curriculum

As one of the best international high schools in Dubai, they also offer the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme (CLSP) to the students which is an addition to the CBSE Curriculum. This acts as the stepping stone for students towards choosing an International Curricula as their mode of higher study. The Cambridge IGCSE aims to inculcate critical skills in students, including creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving. The programme attempts to form a foundation for a lifelong learning journey.

Parent Engagement

Parents are always kept in the loop of their child’s progress and growth at every step. Parents are made aware about the child’s information through a customised portal – myGIIS – a communication platform between the school and parents. As a new Indian high school in Dubai, GIIS aims to be as open and clear as possible by sharing information such as high school fees accessible to students and parents at all times.

Emotional Support to Students

As one of the most progressive and best high schools in Dubai, supporting the student’s emotional and psychological growth is also of utmost importance to them. In order to help students, a School Counsellor is always available on campus to work with students, parents and teachers in a variety of ways to provide support to the student. The counsellor can share any information only when the parents allow the counsellor to pass on the information about their child to the teacher that will assist them to meet the needs of the student easily. 

Undoubtedly, among all good schools in Dubai, GIIS has answers to all your queries as a parent and ensures to safeguard your child’s future with the best academic design and quality as well as overall well being.