5 Reasons You Might Clearly Need a Sunroom Addition To Your Kitchen


Are you considering a Toledo kitchen remodel or renovation, but your current kitchen isn’t large enough to allow you to create your desired space? If so, you’re not alone, as many homes were intentionally designed with smaller ditches, while modern homes typically boast relatively large kitchens.

Multiple family members are often in the kitchen at once, making it a central space for activities. Getting morning coffee, putting away groceries, packing lunches, cooking meals and entertaining guests are often routine activities. Having a T Toledo home remodel contractor like JMJ Construction gives you the option to extend the space with a lovely sunroom addition. Here are five reasons to consider doing so.

1. Brings In More Natural Lighting

Adding natural light is welcome in any home. As opposed to reducing it and making the home feel less healthy and vibrant, these additions have the opposite effect. While skylights are great, they can never replace the brightness that a glass room sunroom can provide.

2. Increases Your Living Space

If your kitchen feels a bit overcrowded at times, creating more living space is as easy as adding an attached sunroom. Our contractor in Toledo, Ohio can discuss your options concerning size, shape and the intended purpose for your addition. With another room to go into, your family and guests can enjoy a place to spread out.

3. Expands Your Views

Quite a few homeowners spend a great deal of time and money on enhancing their backyard space with furnished decks, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, water features and outdoor fireplaces. Imagine being able to review this “backyard resort” from your new, expanded kitchen through your new sunroom.

4. Sunroom Kitchen Additions Create a “Wow” Factor

If you want to impress, a sunroof installation can certainly add to the appeal of your kitchen. Their unique design can provide you with an all-season sitting and decking area. Whether it’s snowing, freezing cold or scorching hot, you can enjoy perfect weather any day with this addition. To boot, there will be no bothersome insects.

5. Enjoy a Solid Return on Your Investment

When home buyers are shopping around, they typically visit a few properties that are about the same size that have similar features with the same price range. Some discerning home buyers are seeking something outside the norm and are interested in what makes a home different. An amazing sunroom can offer just that, and the real estate market indicates that many are willing to pay more for this luxury.

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