Playhouse tents- the safest choice of play area for your little one.




The importance of playtime is a requisite need for the development of children’s communication skills and mental and physical growth. It encourages children to explore, experiment, observe, and find answers to their curiosity. The significance of games and sports in a safe space has been analyzed by various psychologists and specialists for a time immemorial. Among many other reasons, here is a rundown of the most specific reasons why children should have ample amount of playtime and other physical activities during their growth years.

  1. Playing can set the grounds for knowledge and learning

From making new words to learning sounds to playing hide and seek- playing can take several forms that help children to learn new things and nurture their cognitive abilities.  


  1. Playing helps in understanding ways of ideal parenting encourages adults to interact with the children and learn when to intervene and when not to intervene.
  2. Play gives children the chance to be spontaneous. You may think your child should be rolling the truck on the ground but that doesn’t mean that truck is not equally useful as a stacking toy.
  3. Play lets children have several choices and express themselves with suits them the best. 
  4. Play gives children space to test their limits by practicing physical movements and balance. 
  5. Play allows grown-ups to learn their children’s body language. 


We have all grown up spending time imagining and playing in our imaginary world of forts and castles. While the concept of a play area in our times was limited to fields and corners of houses, today’s generation has the privilege of building and owning their own playhouse in the form of easily configurable tents. The playhouse tents bring immense joy and fascination. The tents can be transformed into whatever they want- just a comfortable safe space with many toys or a place of storytelling and playing learning games with their friends, there are no boundaries to imagination. These tents come in several styles and sizes. From small tents, makeshift plastic facades to full-size houses, the wide range of kids tent house make one of the best choices for many parents that help to keep their little ones creatively engaged.


However, there a few factors that you must consider before selecting the playhouse tents for your kids. They are:


  • Selecting the right size

Before adding the tents to your shopping cart, make sure that you are selecting the right size for your child. Ask yourself a few questions like where you want the tents to be placed, which size would fit properly in the spot you decide, how spacious should the tent be for your child, is there enough space for your child’s friends to play together, and other such relevant questions and you should be able to figure out and choose from the wide range of sizes for the tents.


  • Prioritize the safety inside the playhouse

Safety must always be one of the topmost priorities while shopping for kids’ indoor playhouse. Especially in case of babies and small kids, sufficient ventilation, open doors or entrance in addition to conventional windows are a must. Apart from that, opting for the right type of fabric and kid-proving the interior of the tents are other mandatory checks that adults should run thoroughly.  


Now that you know the basics for buying the right tent playhouse for your kids, get your orders from the best manufacturers like Playhouse Kids, and do not forget to add stuff toys, comfortable quilts, and pillows to set up a perfect and comfortable playhouse for your precious little one.