What conditions does a urologist treat?


A urologist is a kind of physician who is a specialist in treating the diseases of the urinary tract and the troubles of the reproductive system in males. To meet and to get the valuable consultation of a skilled urologist, you can always get help from the best urology hospital in Bangalore.

Patients are advised to consult a good urologist if their existing physician feels that the particular patient requires special treatment related to the bladder or organs like kidneys, or adrenal glands.

Various disorders related to the male organs like the penis, prostate, epididymis, seminal vesicles, and testes are treated by the Urologist.

When may you need to see a urologist?

A urologist will offer you help with medical situations related to the urinary tract. Statistics reveal that Urology is the third highest-paying specialty in the medical field. The patient may be referred to see a good urologist for the treatment of the conditions like:

Incontinence problem: A function problem of the urinary system can cause involuntary loss of the controlling power of the urinary bladder. In women, this may be the result of the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles at the time of their pregnancy.

Kidney problem:  Kidney troubles can result in swelling of the hands and other body joints. If the kidneys cannot be able to work effectively, this is known as kidney failure. A person may require treatment like kidney transplants if the kidney failure increases; if not, as time passes, it can become fatal.

In the cases of Male infertility: This can happen from the damages to the reproductive tract of the male and also some kinds of sperm disorders. One common reason is varicoceles; it is an enlarged vein in the sac situated under the penis. In this case, surgery can sometimes give good results.

Infections in the Urinary tract: These problems often arise when the bacteria migrate to the urethra from the digestive tract. Symptoms of this problem may include pain, abnormal urination, nausea, frequent vomiting, and fevers or chills. In most cases, it affects women.

The prolapse of the bladder: When the muscles and tissues of the pelvic floor become weak and are not able to provide support to the adjoining organs, the organs can drop from their normal or usual position.

Cancer in various organs: The kidneys, bladders, prostate gland, testicles, and any other types of body parts can be affected by the disease called cancer if the problem remains for a long time.

Enlargement of the prostate: Benign prostatic hyperplasia or known as the (BPH) affects many men above 50. There is a growth of cells in the organ known as the prostate gland that causes the urethra to become constricted. This finally results in difficulties with urination. A urologist, in many cases, will take a urine sample to diagnose the problem accurately.

The problem of erectile dysfunction: The penis loses the strength to get sufficient rigidity for successful sexual intercourse. This is a symptom that can be seen many times and needs the consultation of a urologist.

Painful bladder syndrome: A painful inflammatory bladder condition can create discomfort for the patient and need the help of the best urology hospital in Bangalore.


Therefore, there are various kinds of health-related problems, where we need the expert assistance of a urologist, and also the help of the best urology hospital in Bangalore.