Here’s How to Choose Flowers for Different Occasions!


Flowers are the epitome of beauty and charm. The dazzling blossoms work as perfect gifts for different occasions. It doesn’t take much. A bunch of blooms is just what you need to express your feelings in a colourful manner. With the different online gift portals being in business, one can avail Flower Delivery in Chennai or any other city. But often the vastness of the flower choices leaves us in a fix. The variety is such that one finds it difficult to choose the right bunch for the different special occasions. We are here to highlight upon a few tips to help you pick perfect flowers for different occasions.

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Anniversary Flowers:

While deciding on anniversary flowers, it is important to know for whom you are buying. Like, if you are looking for anniversary flowers for your partner, then roses work fine. Roses symbolize love in the most romantic manner. Buying them a romantic bunch of red roses can ideally work wonders. If you are eager to drop an anniversary surprise for a loved one, then a bunch of exotic orchids can be perfect. Orchids are a symbol of elegance and can be gifted to both your formal and informal relationships.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Flowers:

 Our parents are the most important part of our lives. So, when it is about picking flowers for them, you definitely need to go in for the best pick. It is best to go in for carnations in such cases. Carnations are known to express love and affection. There are different carnations that are made available in vibrant hues. Pick the shade your mother or father likes. Trust us, this makes the surprise all the more special. Make the most of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifting with this most expressive and alluring bunch of blooms.

Birthday Flowers:

Choosing birthday flowers for happy birthday flower delivery is the easiest. You can easily surprise someone with his/her favourite bunch of flowers. Like, if someone loves gerberas, then a stunning bouquet of gerberas can work as the best gift for the occasion. In case you are not sure of his/her preferences, then we have an idea. Choose flowers depending on the birthday month. Like, for January borns you can give carnations that symbolizes love and admiration. Present lilies that express love to people born in May. Gift roses to June borns as roses stand for love and gratitude.

Funeral Flowers:

 It is the most difficult part to lose a loved one. No matter who that person is, when a dear one loses someone, grief is all that he/she is left with. The pain is extremely personal and one can never grasp what a dear one suffers. In such times, to express condolences, go in for white flowers. We can never lessen their loss. But sending a beautiful bunch of white flowers can help them understand that you are there for them in their times of grief. Go in for a bunch of white roses, or white carnations, or white lilies etc. to express heartfelt condolences to the grieving family.

Flowers of Apology and Thank You Flowers:

Whether you are looking to express sincere thanks or apologies to someone, you can do so easily with flowers. In such cases, you can go in for mixed flower bunches. The vibrant essence of the colourful blooms is such that it can melt hearts at the first sight itself. Like, a bunch of mixed gerberas can express heartfelt thanks and gratitude in the most beautiful way. To express apologies a bunch of mixed flowers like roses, lilies, carnations etc. can work wonders. The magic of mixed flowers is that it helps bring a smile on someone’s face with a riot of colours.

Send Flowers Online in India to your dear and near ones in the country on different occasions. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning for flowery surprises for loved ones as you fill up their lives with happiness, cheer and love!