Top 7 Tips to Take Amazing Photos for Instagram


Uploading amazing and attractive photos on Instagram is the only way to build engagement with your followers. The accounts that upload visually impressive contents earn followers quickly. 

As per a report, more than 100 million videos and photos are being uploaded on Instagram each day. Additionally, more than 90% of Instagram users notice the image of a product before they decide to purchase them.

Taking beautiful shots isn’t a simple task. You need to upload photos that will inspire people. Shooting beautiful and meaningful images consistently requires patience and dedication. 

No matter which industry you belong to, shooting and uploading attractive visual content on Instagram will always be beneficial for you. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 7 tips that will help you to shoot outstanding photos for Instagram. 

Use Natural Light

People spend most of their time in poorly lit homes and offices. Because of this, our eyes get used to it. However, many modern cameras require natural light to showcase their true capability. However, don’t burn your picture by using extremely bright lights. 

This is why you should avoid using the flashlight of the camera. Instead, use natural light to click outstanding images. When you use natural light, not only the image becomes more vibrant but also the texts become more visible. 

Try to capture photos in the early morning. Or you can also use Photoshop to adjust the brightness level of the image. If you want to shoot indoor photos, make sure the room has enough natural lights. 

Don’t Over-Edit the Images

Editing tools can add an extra touch of professionalism to your images. You can also use various filters to create an attractive and unique look. Editing images will help them to reach a whole new level. 

However, don’t edit a photo too much. Not only will that waste your time but also put stress on your marketing budget. If the raw image isn’t meaningful, editing will take you nowhere. Over-edited pictures will damage them as well as the reputation of your Instagram profile. 

Instead, try to click more eye-catching pictures and apply small filters to make them more unique and meaningful.

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Use the Grid Feature

When you’re uploading images on your Instagram profile, you need to make sure that the image is straightened. The grid feature is available on most digital cameras and smartphones. It will help you to see the composition of your shot before you upload them. 

If you’re experiencing difficulty straightening your images, you can use a grid to do that easily. Although many objects don’t conform to a grid, it will undoubtedly help you to see the hidden symmetry. 

Background is Important

People do not focus on the background of a picture. However, if you’re planning to upload the picture on your Instagram profile, you need to think of the background as a logical extension of the image. 

If the primary focus of your picture is plain and simple, you should use a colorful and intricate background to make them pop. On the other hand, if the subject matter is busy and colorful, you should use a less intricate background. 

Additionally, make sure the background is relevant to the subject of the image. Remember that the appearance of your image is partially dependent on the background you choose. 

Think about which background will reflect the message of your brand. This is how you can enhance your business on Instagram.

Try a Different Angle

Do you think the subject of your image is looking dull in the photograph? Or are you thinking of some ways to make your dull subject look attractive in the photograph? 

Whatever the reason, remember that shooting an Instagram photo from a different angle will completely change the appearance. Apart from that, a perfect angle will completely change the point of view towards the subject matter. 

Your techniques of capturing an image are extremely important. Hence, before confirming your shot make sure you shoot the subject from different angles. 

Make Your Photos Active

This is one of the best ways to take Instagram images. Always find ways that will add action to your photos. 

However, you must set your shutter speed to a maximum so that you can avoid any blurry color tail. No matter if you use a smartphone camera or DSLR, makes sure to use a tripod or any kind of stabilization gadget. 

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You may also use burst mode. A burst mode allows you to click multiple pictures within a small frame of time. 

Don’t Forget the White Space

The best way to make your images appealing is by respecting the neutral color or the white space. White space will help your subject to stand alone in the image. 

If you want to draw the quick attention of Instagram users, always leave some white space in your image so that your audiences can focus only on the subject. This is the best way to remove any distractions. 


These are the 7 tips you should remember while capturing visually appealing photos for Instagram. Whether you’re a personal brand or a small business, you should always enhance the visual experience to generate traffic to your Instagram account. When you boost the traffic, it will automatically grow your followers.