Higher speeds and accuracies; how you could reap the benefits from the right mining truck scale.


The mining industry is a very profitable, yet tough industry. The working conditions are harsh, and worksites are often exposed to a range of environmental conditions, out of their control. 

As technology integrates its way into many day-to-day processes, mining is no exception. In the industry, the accuracy of weight data is crucial. Precision matters because even the slightest error can equal a considerable loss for the mining company long-term. The accuracy of your data is key to effective cost control, operational efficiency, compliance to regulatory guidelines, and even revenue management.  

This is why it is of the utmost importance that your mining truck scales are extremely accurate. However, since your mining truck scales are often exposed to harsh environments, they don’t only need to be accurate, but they need to weigh accurately despite external conditions.

If you are purchasing the best mining truck scale, then you will be able to reap the short-term and long-term benefits of the right scale. When selecting which mining truck scale to purchase you need to consider a range of factors including use specifications, size, accuracy, speed and technological integrations. 

As technology continues to develop, many of these factors no longer become options, but rather prerequisites, to ensure efficiency and speed of weighing.  Advancements in loadcell manufacturing and precision have assisted mining scale manufactures to encompass new technologies into their mining scales, making them highly accurate and more dependable. 

The only way to reap the benefits is to ensure you are selecting the highest quality, most accurate mining truck scale on the market. 

Which is why you have no better option than Trakblaze. Trakblaze is home to the world’s toughest mining truck scale. The FORCE™ 2&4 mining truck scale can be configured to weigh any make or model of mining haul truck, either statically or in motion, at up to 12kph. This mining scale was designed specifically to have the ability to endure the most challenging environment, while addressing the need for high accuracy weighing within the mining industry. Unlike other industry mining truck scales, the FORCE™ is made up of a combination of individual weigh pads, which can measure the load on each wheel and axle combination of the truck. This modular design enables the scale to be configured to weigh any make or model of mining truck. 

By investing in a high-quality mining truck scale such as the Trakblaze FORCE™ 2&4, you can reap the benefits that come from choosing the right mining scale including high accuracy, the ability to weigh in motion at higher speed, reliability, cost management, and the list goes on. Also, the ability to weigh incredibly accurately is the way to ensure the mining trucks are never overloaded, which keeps everyone from truck drivers to engineers safe when on site. 

Choosing the right mining truck scale, such as the Trakblaze FORCE™ 2&4 is the best way to not only reap the benefits, but also improve the operational efficiency of your mining site, and ultimately have the ability to create more revenue as a result.