Sanitize everything, including your clothes with Clothes Washing Sanitizer. KEEP COVID AWAY!


In this second wave of Covid-19, the threat of the virus spreading has become absolutely intense, and nothing can save you except timely precautions. You must, therefore, sanitize every surface and thing you touch, including your clothes, to prevent Covid-19. According to the World Health Organization, SARS CoV-2 spreads from person to person through direct or indirect contact via respiratory droplets suspended in air containing the virus. So just like any other surface, your clothes also can become its potential carriers. Thus, cleaning them with an ordinary detergent is no more enough. You must use a good clothes washing sanitizer at home to keep the crisis away.

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

Cleaning only removes dirt and impurities from the clothes and does nothing to remove viruses and bacterias homing in on their surfaces. Disinfecting them with concentrated clothes sanitizer can, thus, ensure a virus-free environment at home.

Complete sanitization requires the use of special chemicals that eliminate disease-causing germs. Disinfecting clothes with such chemicals can, thus, reduce your risk of catching Covid-19 to some extent.

What to look out for in a Clothes Washing Sanitizer for effective disinfection?

While there are many reputed brands that are selling clothes sanitizer nowadays, there are many hitherto new brands who have recently entered the market to maneuver extra profits. So you must be doubly sure about the product that you are buying. The following must be especially considered before buying a clothes washing sanitizer for home usage:

  1. Always begin with checking out its ingredients. Look out for powerful sanitizing agents that can remove germs and viruses most effectively. While most of the clothes washing sanitizers are still using Triclosan, Indus Valley’s San’tize Clothes Washing Sanitizer has started using its much safer and approved alternative Benzalkonium Chloride, for powerfully removing all germs, bacteria and viruses from clothes. Triclosan was banned in the United States on September 9, 2016 by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  2. Then check its other ingredients. Indus Valley’s San’tize Clothes Washing Sanitizer has been very innovatively designed with Neem, Rosemary, Orange Peel and Tulsi extracts blended with super-safe surfactants for highly effective cloth cleaning and washing. It not just falls easy on the hands, but also works very gently on cloth fabrics.

Lab-tested for 99.9% germ and virus removing capability, it works with only half quantity measure of what other clothes washing sanitizers require, which also makes it a great value for money.

How to Use San’tize Clothes Washing Sanitizer?

Using Indus Valley San’tize Clothes Washing Sanitizer is very simple and easy. Just follow these steps to disinfect your clothes completely without causing any damage to your hands or your fabrics:

  • For Bucket Wash: Take half of the measuring cup of the Clothes Sanitizer (using the cup provided) and mix it with your detergent mixed water. Soak the clothes for 10-15 minutes before washing, then wash them like you would with any other detergent mixed water.
  • For Top & Front Load: Mix one cup full of San’tize Clothes Washing Sanitizer (using the cup provided) with your daily clothes washing detergent and then just wash your clothes as you would with any other clothes washing detergent.

Since the Natural Clothes Washing Sanitizer is highly concentrated, take only as much as mentioned on the pack and don’t use warm water (as it will damage your clothes).

Apart from using San’tize Clothes Washing Sanitizer, also use a mask and a powerful hand sanitizer every time you step out of home and follow all precautions suggested by WHO to beat Covid-19. Stay safe and healthy!