Drive Consistent Sales for Your Re-Opened Stores with Custom Car Decals


If you are the owner of a store that has re-opened after the COVID-19 lockdowns, it is time for you to spread the word in the area where your business is based. This advertising promotion can be done affordably with a custom car decal. Since your store was closed for some months during the Pandemic, it is evident that you should spend your advertising budget wisely, especially if you did not have an eCommerce portal when the coronavirus pandemic forced businesses to shut down their local stores. One of the best ways for you to promote your business now is to invest in a good quality car decal to spread the word that you are now open.

Back in business

The coronavirus Pandemic is still around in most parts of the world, so people are still cautious when visiting local stores. They prefer to order from online portals to avoid the risk of infection, as social distancing still needs to be maintained. When you are designing your car decal, you must ensure you have the web address of your store on it and a phone number where people can place their orders, and you can deliver it to their homes (in case you do not have a store online).

In this way, you can keep your business running successfully. Those customers who want to visit your store can drop in, and those who are still scared to venture out can call you on your number for home deliveries.

Your car decal should have all the details of your store on it so that customers are aware that you are back into business with success. Car decals are extremely affordable, and you can drive the vehicle around even in residential areas to help locals know your store has re-opened to serve them in a pandemic-stricken world safely.

Get creative with your design

The first thing you need to do is to get creative with your design. Think of a nice comeback theme with the right color and background. You can use an attractive tagline to attract customers back to your store. Make sure your business name and logo are visible from a distance. The layout should be professional with legible fonts and text.

Look for inspiration online when it comes to creating the best car decals for your business. Talk to experts if you are investing in car decals for the first time for a new business. They will assist you with the decal templates and styles you can choose from. Some prominent companies even allow you to create custom decals for your business from their websites.

You need to log in to their sites and check out the ready-made templates available for you to change. Click on the ones you like and apply the text, font, color, background, etc. You like to make your professional looking custom template. In this way, you can get a unique car decal for promoting the store re-opening announcement for your business with success.