Know the best materials for patio furniture covers to make a difference outdoors


Since you don’t create all patio furniture covers equally, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages that come with each single style. Vinyl, polyester, canvas and plastic are the four most popular materials in this regard.

  • With proper treatment, polyester is undoubtedly the best material for outdoor furniture covers. It’s also the best-selling fabric for many companies.
  • Extremely durable yet lightweight, you can use it throughout the year. It’s a very unique material.
  • You treat it with special chemicals during the production process, making it fully water-resistant.
  • The manufacturers also apply two polyurethane coats on the fabric’s back. The water-resistant fold or barrier becomes stronger.
  • Since polyester covers are woven products, without proper treatment, you’ll find water can easily pass through the coating.
  • The 12-gauge vinyl is another superb material. Laminated polyester is excellent for vinyl covers.
  • It must entail a laminated lining to thwart normal fatigue, pulling, tugging, and other exhaustion or stresses that patio furniture covers go through.
  • Vinyl alone doesn’t have any built-in strength and can tear and puncture if you don’t laminate it to a sturdier material. Get the 8 or 10- gauge vinyl covers from the marketplace.

About the rest

Vinyl patio furniture covers are an affordable, viable, and moisture-resistant, durable option. You can easily apply it on and remove it from your furniture. It’s the perfect product to cover your outdoor items. You normally keep it in storage when you’re not using the workstations.

  • Vinyl covers are not breathable or form-fitting. They can develop mildew or mold if you leave them in the rain. Go for covers that showcase the 12-gauge features and vinyl properties. They have better durability and capacity to withstand treat than the standard ones.
  • Canvas is another superb option for machine-washable (breathable) cover. Ideal for covering your cherished patio furniture in hot and warmer settings, you can also treat the durable, tough fabric to become UV-protective and waterproof.
  • Another advantage of using canvas for your patio furniture covers is its stunning appearance.
  • The style and texture of canvas covers are visually very appealing for your outdoor furniture that stays outside the house during rough weather.

The most inexpensive style or type of furniture cover has to be solid plastic. You can use it for occasional storage and not long-term fortification of your furniture. Although waterproof, these covers typically don’t feature enough ventilation, which can lead

to mildew and unpleasant odors.

Few prominent products

The elegant duck covers that come in rectangle makes and styles are very popular. The manufacturers tailor them to endure harsh and moderate weather conditions. Its polyester construction is extremely high on strength. Fully waterproof, it protects your furniture against snow, rain, sun, dirt, and dust.

They seal the cover seams during the manufacturing process. It prevents any form of leakage. They also integrate a pair of straps for securing the cover to your furniture. It ensures a snug fit.

The duck covers are also ideal for oval/rectangular patio table and chair. The are best for use under the Sun. They range from 95-145 inches in length.