Why Use an Expensive Travel Agency to Get the Best Hajj Packages?


If you are about to start a Hajj or Umrah program then you must know about various types of Hajj Packages. These packages are divided into different segments and accordingly you will have to select the one that is suitable for you. For instance, there is a prepaid segment for the newcomers who are coming for the first time. And another prepaid segment for the travelers returning back after a long absence. Similarly there is an unlimited Umrah segment for returning Hajj pilgrims and also an unlimited segment for those returning to join the Hajj once again. So, all the segments have different prices as per the status of the pilgrim.

The famous sites that you will find in the hajj packages include: Al-Balad, Badrinath, Chashmoot, Hamdossi, Jasmine Gardens, Kaira-el-Rabie, Madinat Jumeriah, Nahyar Muwais, Shah Jehan mosque, Saheeb Mosque, Tomb of Heer (Tauhid) and Al-Azhar Mosque. Apart from these you will also find other enchanting places like: Madinatabad, Gulmarg, Birla Temple, Dilwara Jain Temple, Rajpuri Caves, Mount Abu and many more. And if you want to spend some quality time with your family during your trip to Hajj, you can rent or buy a villa by the shores of the holy river. The best part is that you will have an easy access to the world famous tourist spots like the Red Sea, Mecca, the Al Aqaba Mosque and many other attractions. And on the opposite side, the hospitable people of Pakistan will greet you warmly and will make you feel welcome even before you start your journey. With the help of the best Hajj Travel Agents you can book cheap flight tickets and other tour packages to make your Hajj experience an unforgettable one.

But first things first, how to find the best hajj packages and what to look for when you do find them? There are plenty of ways to do it. You could surf the internet for the available options. You could talk to travel agents who are specialized in these kinds of things. Or if you prefer not to consult anyone, you can search for them yourself using popular search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN etc.

You must be wondering how you would find the best hajj packages in USA. First, you need to know that the cost of traveling to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia is very expensive. So even if you come from afare country like USA, which is one of the most affluent country in the world, you will have to shell out some bucks for air tickets, hotel rooms and other expenditures to get to this part of the earth. If you do not mind spending a bit more, you could travel by car, take a flight or ride a bus – whatever means you choose to travel, be prepared to spend some dough. The best way to save money on your Hajj is to book affordable hajj packages from travel agents and then use the savings to spend lavishly on other needs during your Hajj.

In order to find the most affordable hajj packages to take care of your Hajj, you need to take every step possible to plan ahead. The best option is to get your travel agent to help you in every step. Your travel agent will make the arrangements for you to get your passport, check your Hajj permit and finalize all other formalities for you to reach Islam. Your agent will also help you in every step necessary such as booking tickets, booking hotels, getting travel insurance etc.

One thing your travel agent can’t do for you is tell you where to go during your Umrah package. You need to be able to plan your itinerary on your own. Your travel agent cannot possibly know the places that are considered sacred by Muslims and which are not. In order to get the best hajj packages to take you to all the important places you need to find out the historical and cultural facts about each and every place you visit. Your travel agent may even help you prepare for your trip by suggesting some fantastic activities to participate in once you reach north America. If you really want to experience a true sense of cultural and historic richness, then organizing a heritage tour with a local guide is one of the best ways to spend your time during your trip to north America.

Your travel agent can also help you in deciding the best hajj packages to include in your Hajj Package. The three places in which Hajj takes place are Makkah, Muzdalfa and Madinah. You will have plenty of choices on the best packages to choose from for each and every destination if you stick to what your travel agent tells you. These packages usually include different accommodations, food, tours, activities, and excursions for each and every place in the country.

Some other important factors to consider while planning for the best hajj packages to take you to all the important destinations of the world include the climate, the accommodations and entertainment facilities, the transportation options and shopping opportunities. You may want to consider visiting places like Stonehenge and Stone Age in England as part of your jubilee package. There are many other interesting places to visit around the world. You just have to make sure that the package that you choose to make your trip to the world come true to your expectations.