Using the Right Gasoline in your Car: Choosing the Best Gas for your Dream Car


Have you been wondering what type of gas is the best for your dream car in Brisbane? If you have been driving an SUV or a Ford for a couple of years in Australia, chances are that you know pretty much how to fill the right gas in your car to maintain it as a running machine. You may already have tried a couple of fuel types in your car. Even though you rent a car or borrow it from a friend, some gas know-how is vital for you to have a safe ride. 

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What is the difference of Bamboli 3D car floor mats?

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Suppose you recently contacted a junk car removals service or car wreckers in Brisbane to sell your old car and got enough cash for cars. So how can you know what kind of fuel or gas is the best for your new car now? And what will happen to the new car that you bought for your family needs if you do not use the right fuel? Let us try to answer these questions for you here, so read along. 

What Type of Fuel to Use for your Car

There are many car manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, and Volvo that design their vehicles differently. That means depending on the engine types and components, manufacturers can require you to use a specific type of fuel in their cars. So if you are still asking people the question “what kind of fuel should I use in my new Mercedes Benz”? Then the answer to this question is that you should use the one that is recommended by your manufacturer.

Many companies like Ford and Volvo help customers to determine the requirements of their fuel.  Some cars have a fuel lid release lever or button, while other lids can be opened manually by pushing or pulling the lid itself. 

How Gasoline work in your Car?

Gasoline, as you already know, is the most common type of fuel used in modern cars that do not rely on electricity or hydrogen (future generation cars) to run. The fact is that there is not much difference between gasoline cars and diesel vehicles. Both of these cars use internal combustion engines; however, a gasoline-dependent vehicle can use a spark-ignited internal combustion engine. 

In this type of engine, there is a combustion chamber that uses fuel and that is combined with thin air. The air-fuel mixture is ignited by a spark from the spark plug. Even though gasoline becomes the most important type of transportation fuel, there also exist alternative fuel options for similar engine types. 

In a gasoline car, the major components as you might have known include the car’s battery, fuel injection system, fuel tank, electronic control module, fuel line, internal combustion engine, and exhaust system. Your new Mercedes Benz if it is not an electric model must have all these components. 

So let us explore more about what premium gas is and is it really worth it to use it in your new car? 

Using the Premium Gas for your Car

If you are using a gasoline car in Brisbane, then it can allow you to have three types of pump options such as plus, premium, and regular pump. The difference between the three pumps is the octane rating. Regular gas has three levels of octane. So is it a good idea to pay extra money for getting the higher octane gas? Ofcourse, but not when the manufacturer does not recommend it.

The octane rating system in your car can measure the fuel’s stability that you use for your car. When you use high octane fuel, remember that it is more expensive compared to the low octane fuel and it also needs more cylinder pressure from the engine to combust. Since high-performance engines create more cylinder pressure compared to low-performance engines, in that case, if you use a low octane fuel in your car, it can cause the air or fuel to combust prematurely before the spark fires. 

Since high performance engine cars often require owners to use high octane gas, that will make sure that the car combusts at the right time. So what is the bottom line of that discussion? 

That means that if your vehicle needs regular gas, using a high octane gas like “plus” or “premium” will do a much better job for your car than other options. There is a good reason why you should pay a higher cost for the premium fuel. That will also reduce the knocking in the engine and will offer you a lot of fuel economy to enjoy the good performance of your car.

What Happens When You Use the Wrong Gas?

Most probably, fuel station employees will not tell you to use the wrong type of fuel for your diesel car. However, putting a diesel in a car that does not require diesel or run on gasoline can drain your engine quickly and prevent the car from running like normal.