Top Interior Design Trends for Summer of 2021


Interior design is in a growth stage in Dubai, with the summer of 2021 looking bright for new trends. Architecture firms in Dubai are leveraging the best technologies, methodologies, and practices to develop unique layouts while solving complex challenges through design excellence.

With Dubai being a global leader in design trends, the city is continuously inspiring architects worldwide with its innovative expressions. The top designers in Dubai are increasingly focusing on implementing the best of aesthetics while maximizing the functional value of every project. From introducing sustainability to improving natural balance, here are the top design trends for the summer of 2021.

Blending Modern and Contemporary Styles

Across luxury, moderate, and premium projects, designers are capturing the best of contemporary and modern architectural styles. This is enabling interior design specialists to capture new ideas from more novel perspectives. The interplay of shape and flow, coupled with geometric complexities and innovative layouts, is enabling interior design studios to add a strong statement and bolder look to their vision. Designers are also leveraging traditional styles of the region, indigenous architectural ideas, as well as local preferences to create beautiful melanges of aesthetic perfection. Straight lines are increasingly making way for more curved and form-free expressions in 2021.

Automation-driven interior choices

Home automation is a growing area within residential and commercial markets, with many occupants seeking the best in IoT applications. The smart home market in the Middle East is set to reach US$1.86 Billion by 2022, with double-digit growth sustained due to increased focus on energy conservation. With the demand for energy growing 3.35% annually to 2035, buildings need to be smarter about energy management to sustain continuous demand. A key 2021 trend within the interior design space is the use of smart lighting and cooling applications to help lower monthly energy costs.

Infusing sustainability within interior design

Sustainability is a key area of focus within Dubai, which is why it is one of the top interior trends this summer. Using non-toxic materials, leveraging recycled materials, and implementing insulating panelling, can help infuse energy conservation by design. Additionally, interior design studios are focusing on the complete lifecycle of the materials acquired to accurately assess their impact on the environment prior to installation. The top architecture firms in Dubai, including Prasoon Design, are leveraging the best methodologies, materials, and finishes to improve project eco-friendliness while lowering its carbon footprint.

Using passive energy conservation tactics

Passive energy conservation strategies are a trending topic area for many Dubai designers. Leveraging the right materials, orientations, and fittings is helping spaces be naturally ambient throughout the year while also being well-illuminated. In a city that can consume close to 60% of energy demand across several buildings, it is important to integrate adaptive reusing, natural shading, cross-ventilation, reflective glass, and green roofing smartly. Maximizing indoor air quality is a top priority for many interior designers in 2021 in Dubai. This is even more so important for projects with a sub-optimal thermal mass.

Implementing tactile design for interiors

Tactile ideas and implementations infuse a sense of connection with space that is unmatched by other strategies. Rich and textured materials are being used in the summer of 2021 to ensure that occupants have a physical connection with the spaces they interact with. Textured wallpaper, tiling, and panelling are rising in popularity this year as a more nuanced way of engaging people within residential and commercial projects. Tactile designs are especially impactful in residential projects, wherein homeowners can physically touch and experience various aspects of their spaces in a unique way.

Finding the right natural balance in design

Occupants are increasingly opting for naturally balanced spaces to introduce an ecological bend to every project. This includes natural fibres, aesthetic elements, finishes, and themes, to reflect nature and the city’s local vegetation. Recyclable materials are also trending this year, with the introduction of bamboo, bricks, stone, and wood, for several natural interior finishes. Interior design studios Dubai centred are reimagining spaces using wood, rocks, bricks, and greens while balancing colour schemes to bring out a balanced natural story. From structural to ornamental elements, different nature-based strategies are being leveraged to take advantage of this summer 2021 website trend.

Leveraging high-performance materials

Architects and interior designers are using glass facades, high-performance carbon fibre, and nanoparticles, among other top materials, when completing the interiors of projects. They are lightweight and high load-bearing materials that can help lower the overall cost of interiors for projects. They also help insulate spaces against summer heat by helping bring the temperature down to ambient levels. The use of hydro-ceramics, breathe bricks, nano-fibres, and other innovative materials is helping spaces emerge multi-dimensional, eco-friendlier, and more cost-effective long-term