Things Turning Your Teeth to Yellow and How to Avoid It

Teeth to Yellow and How to Avoid It

A lot of times you visit the dental clinic for the simplest of all issues which is your teeth are turning yellow. Many people think that it is a minor dental problem, but if left untreated it can be the cause of tooth loss.

But when you visit the dental clinics, professional teeth whitening Nashville will help to resume the original color of the teeth.

Term Used For Teeth Turning Yellow

There is a specific term used for the teeth that are turning yellow. The dental professionals use the word discoloration of the teeth that are becoming yellow. Yellow teeth are just the start of the tooth decaying process; as ultimately black teeth will mean the tooth has to be removed.

Why Your Teeth Are Turning Yellow?

A visit to the dental clinic will reveal that many factors and reasons are behind the teeth turning yellow. One of the following reasons is the main cause of discoloration of the teeth.

People Are Getting Old

Old age is the most crucial reason for this yellowness of the teeth. The metabolism rate in elders slows so the wear ad tear of the body is fast. Thus, the enamel breaks down faster than others.

Eating Unhealthy Foods

Many kinds of foods are very harmful to the enamel on the teeth like drinking sugary drinks and eating sticky foods. Also, fizzy drinks and sodas contain large quantities of sugar that tarnish the enamel.

Increased Intake of Caffeine

Drinks that contain caffeine like coffee, tea, and others will turn the white color of the teeth to yellow. Coffee should be avoided at all costs because the quantity of caffeine is more.

Excess Consumption of Alcohol

Red wine is a drink that contains acids more than other alcoholic forms. The dentists at clinics like Dillard Dental Services advise their patients to avoid drinking alcohol for preserving the natural color of the teeth.

Chain Smoking Is A Big Cause

Tobacco contains nicotine that is dangerous for overall health; especially for the mouth and teeth. Along with discoloration of the teeth; it can also cause oral cancer.

Taking Certain Medications

Certain medicines contain chemical and their compounds that are a great contributor for changing the white color of the teeth to yellow.

How to Prevent From Discoloration?

Along with the professional teeth whitening in the Nashville clinic, the dentists give tips so that you can avoid discoloration after having the treatment.

Consume Drinks with a Straw

Consuming drinks directly from glass will first reach the teeth that can affect them. But drinking through the straw will send the liquid to the back of the mouth and the throat.

Avoid Harmful Habits

Avoid intake of foods that are unhealthy for the teeth like alcohol, smoking, sugary and fizzy drinks, and caffeine intake.

Adopt Healthy Oral Routines

Brushing, flossing, and using mouth wash containing fluoride is the best way to keep the teeth healthy and improve the color as well.

Will Professional Teeth Whitening Nashville Help?

Yes, a professional teeth whitening procedure in Nashville is the best remedy and treatment for teeth yellowing. The dentists use various techniques and tools to resume the original color of the teeth.