Sustainable Development Practices


The most promising idea that reveals that human beings must live and meet their needs without compromising in meeting the needs of the future generation. The basic idea of this theme is to keep an eye on the future generation by organising the happenings in the present using the existing resources in a sustainable form. Sustainable development goals are practised across the world to maintain the proper use of resources. Sustainable irrigation is the best scientific practice that enhances water efficiency and improves the management of crop water requirements in the agricultural sector. It means that the goal is to consider the preservation of the available natural and environmental resources, also keeping up with and social and economic equity.

Sustainable water development

Accomplishing proper irrigation facility and management is a significant step toward sustainable development. Good planning and implementation make the task much more accessible and pleasant. Improvement in water policy measures for consumptive water use in irrigation and safe reduction in water use, and periodic maintenance of the distribution system enrich the sustainable plannings in all possible ways. Best scientific practices are advised to be adopted to improve water use efficiency, especially in the agricultural sector, by taking proper management of area size based on crop water requirement, time linkage between water supplies for efficient agricultural practises, and plant water requirement cropping period. Growth selection based on climatic condition is the current strategy adopted to preserve the resources based on the fluctuations in the environment.

Sustainable development goals: an overview

In a world with increasing population and food scarcity, the initial goal is to eradicate poverty from the world. Along with that goal, Zero hunger is wished to be the future of earth which happens only by the sustainable and equitable use of resources. Ensuring a proper Standard of living and having better and safe living conditions with good health makes up the people’s well-being. Replacing the current education curriculum with quality education is s standardised goal which empowers the citizens. Eliminating gender disparities and guaranteeing gender equality brings every person to come forward and conquer the world in their way. Clean drinking water and sanitation let the people have lesser health issues and lead a proper lifestyle. Affordable energy standard is very much essential to have a long and healthy life. Decent and worthy occupation adds to the economic growth, which creates a better comfort level for the people. Developments in matters related to infrastructure, services, and public goods generate a clear lifestyle that is a basic necessity for everyone. Inequality is a state of not being equal in status, rights and opportunities is a concept to be noticed to irradicate social disparity that creates a lack of evenness. Economic inequality makes a country less developed because there will be a broader and unchangeable difference between the haves and the have nots. Over the past 30 years, global wealth has reached a higher position, but equality can be achieved with the equitable distribution of resources. Sustainable actions are taken together to procure life on earth, and underwater life matters. Institutions to take care of world peace and justice revamp the beauty of these qualities. The world is a gift of nature. Procuring the natural resources and keeping aside the resources necessary for the future is a crucial practice to be followed. Peace and prosperity for the future are in the hands of the present generation.