Keep Flowers Looking Fresh and Ready for Purchase


There are a few challenges involved with operating a floral department or florist related to product displays and storage of flowers and arrangements. One of the primary issues retailers face is keeping their flowers looking fresh and ready to use. Traditionally, the process of maintaining the area and containers housing the flowers and bouquets can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. There are, however, a few ways to make this easier and cost-effective while not sacrificing cleanliness or appearance.

Tips for Maintaining Floral Departments and Displays

One of the keys to keeping flowers fresh and the area sanitary is to clean regularly and ensure flower buckets and displays are ready for use. Flower buckets and bins should be cleaned frequently and have their water changed. This action helps prevent odors and build-up that can be unpleasant and affect the conditions of the stock. Containers should be cleaned with an industry-standard floral cleaner that is designed for retail or commercial use. It is specially formulated to completely clean the surface without damaging flowers or compromising their integrity or appearance.

Water should be changed regularly, and a preservative should be added to get the maximum benefit. There are many floral preservation products intended for commercial and retail use on the market. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the use of the product and change the solution as instructed to get the best results. It is also important to ensure flowers are stored at the proper temperature to prevent wilting and browning. The ideal temperature for flowers kept in a retail environment is between 33- and 35-degrees Fahrenheit.

Caring for Flowers on Display

There are usually a couple of different types of displays in most retail situations, whether there’s a floral department or a flower shop. The primary displays are usually special floral coolers. These coolers have the ideal temperature and humidity to maintain the look and integrity of flowers and arrangements. Most pre-arranged flowers are stored in these coolers for quick customer access. While coolers require less maintenance than bucket displays, they still need to be cleaned and maintained to prevent contaminating the flowers and present the ideal appearance to ensure customer satisfaction, creating loyalty.

The bucket-style displays will usually have either individual flowers, bunches of flowers, or smaller bouquets ready for customers to grab and go. In most instances, these buckets need temperature regulation, which can be accomplished by using a cooling system or a stand-alone method. It is vital to ensure there is a regular rotation of flowers to keep up appearances.

Before displaying or using flowers once they arrive at the retail store, they should have 1 inch of stem trimmed from the bottom. This process keeps the flowers looking fresher longer and extends their life. Be sure to use an approved flower preservative to ensure they have a longer shelf life to prevent waste and wilting. Don’t overcrowd the display because it can damage the flower and compromise its quality and appearance.

Keep these suggestions for care and maintenance of retail floral departments in mind, and don’t forget to use a high-quality floral preservative to ensure the longevity of flowers. Some floral preservatives may also serve as an all-in-one cleaner/feed/preservative option that reduces labor requirements and ensures customers get great-looking flowers every time they shop with that location.