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Iyurved: Guidelines for healthy eating

A human body strives for nutrients to keep them functioning properly. These nutrients are in the form of calories, fruits, whole grains, proteins, etc Healthy eating not only helps in keeping you healthy from inside and outside but keeps you away from the diseases, and maintains your body weight. Along with healthy eating, one should emphasize certain guidelines that are essential for keeping a healthy heart. The following healthy habits should be adopted-

  1. Eat in small quantity- Most of the time while watching TV kids eat their meal by taking large portions which are not only an unhealthy habit but can put at risk. While intaking large bites the stomach problem is likely to be seen. Thus, the first guideline for healthy eating is to grab as a small portion of food as could possible.
  2. Chew your food properly- Kids are naughty and very demanding when it comes to eating food. Kids generally do not prefer a balanced diet rich in protein, fiber, carbohydrates. They prefer junk over a healthy diet. But the parents should not worried about their kids as they can opt for a healthy snacking option such as kids-approved chocolates spread, powders, and atta pre-mix. The one thing that they must make sure of is that their kids chew the food properly without slipping it into the mouth. Thus, they should teach about taking nutritious food for kidsrightly.
  3. Say no to snacks- If you want to live longer and maintain your body weight then try to say no to deep oiling snacks. It is not only an unhealthy option but can cause diseases like fatty liver. It is better to switch from oily snacks to healthy bite-sized snacks.
  4. Use healthier alternative- Every food has an alternative if you wish to look into. If someday you crave a sweet tooth then instead of admiring sugar items you can have ice cream without sugar, jaggery, dates, etc. Infact, there are many alternatives to salty snack options too like makhanas, diet bhel, popcorn, etc.
  5. Make a fruit shift- In a whole day what you will eat and what all calories you will intake? For that prepare your meal chart and do not forget to add fruits to it. Fruits contain a high level of antioxidants that should never be skipped. Also, if you crave a sweet tooth then fruits are the better option in place of candies, chocolates. By following this habit, the kids will not have to face the problem of cavities at a later stage.

To conclude-

Today’s generation is fond of chocolates, candies, and other junk. The parents find it difficult to convince their children in taking healthy baby food.

Iyurved understands the parent’s current scenario and has come up with different healthy eating products that can bring a huge smile on children’s faces. Iyurved has a variety of options when it comes to healthy snacks- kids-approved chocolate spread, powders, atta spread, etc. It is a healthy and super delicious snacking option for the children.

Thus, along with eating healthy one should also focus on healthy eating habits.


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