How to take care of preborn babies at home?


There are many babies who are born pre term and the parents always need to take some extra care of them. 

There are preborn baby hospitals in Secunderabad where preterm babies are taken proper care of. They also make the parents understand that what extra they should need to do in case of a preterm baby when it comes to taking care of them. There is nothing much different from taking care of a normal new born baby but one just needs a little change of environment along with following some usual tips:

The correct temperature

One needs to make sure that the baby is at a comfortable and a safe temperature in the room. One can do this effectively by adding a few layers of clothing on the baby and removing them one by one when necessary. It is a good idea not to overload the bed with blankets because it can raise the temperature too high. One should maintain the body temperature of the baby from 97 to 99 F.

Helping the baby sleep

The mother needs to help their baby sleep by adjusting the right environment for them. Dim lights and comfortable cool temperature is a must with a quite room. Preborn babies also get hungry often in the night than regular term babies. They need to be fed more during nights.

Bathing the baby safely

When one tries to bathe the baby then the water should not be too hot or too cold. It is a good idea to wash them with plain lukewarm water and not adding any liquid cleanser is the best. Sponge baths are preferable till the baby gains weight of 2.5 kgs. Specialised doctors also advise not to apply any lotion or oil on the baby’s body till it becomes a month old.

Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

This is a syndrome which is also referred as the cot death where apparently healthy babies die in their sleep. This usually happens in the first 6 months when they are born. Premature babies are slightly at risk in this case as compared to the term babies. Though experts and doctors have not pinpointed any reason why SIDS happens there are a few measures that can be followed to prevent this. 

  • One should never let the baby sleep on their stomach as this can harm the body and can cause sudden breathing difficulties. Once they grow up a bit, then turning over in sleep can be normal.
  • Side sleeping is also not very safe. This can lead to SIDS risk as well.
  • One should not add anything to the bed except the fitted sheet. Once the baby completes a year, it is okay to add pillows or blankets.
  • If the mother is sleeping with the baby, they need to be careful enough. One should not block the baby’s air supply.

Avoid public space and visitors till the baby gains normal weight. There are preborn baby doctors in Secunderbad who can help in case of emergencies.