How to Conduct Market Research for a Small to Medium-Sized Firm?


Market research isn’t just done to understand the target market for a business but for various other reasons as well. You can use it to access risks that your business is facing presently or could face in the future, reduce these threats, or determine opportunities. You can also use it to analyze past problems/successes in order to decrease future risks or determine what you need to do to continue being successful in a particular endeavor.

The current state of your industry matters

Before conducting a business analysis, outline the current state of your industry. Determine where it is heading and gather facts such as its size, emerging trends, estimated growth in the next five years and so on. Ensure you back up your claims. This is also helpful, particularly when looking for an investor t invest in your business.

Determine your target customers

Every company has a set of target customers. So, irrespective of whether you are an existing business, starting a new venture, or launching a new product, it is imperative to fully understand who your potential customers are. Gaining as much as information about your target market is called the “target market analysis”. The analysis should include – Age, Gender, Location, Income, Qualification, Occupation, and marital status. Once you get this data, you can then determine their needs, interests, and demographics.

However, note that it is possible for a business has multiple business personas. In such a case, you can create characteristics of different customer personas. This will enable you to determine your target market accurately and cater to the market efficiently.

Also, your potential customers may grow or change as your business grows. Consider evaluating your target market more often to understand if they are still relevant to your business.

Understand the competition

Understanding the competition is also important to analyze the market. Determine what other businesses are doing, their offerings, target customers, and whether they have an advantage over you. Create a list of your competitors, create a SWOT analysis for each one of them and rank them from most threatening to least threatening. Next, determine the advantages of your business and your marketing position.

Unbiased and accurate data

When it comes to market analysis, the more data you gather, the better it will for be your business. However, ensure the data you have is unbiased, relevant and accurate as it will help you make concrete decisions. Gather data from credible sources such as government sites, focused group interviews, etc.

Once you have gathered the information, analyze your findings. Go through all of your research and categorize them into different sections. You will also need to gather information such as the industry’s outlook, your projected market share, buying trends, discounts, prices of your products/services, etc.

Putting market research analysis in action

While conducting a market analysis may consume some of your time, it will be worthwhile for your business. It will help you make your business more efficient and successful. Moreover, consider revisiting your market research findings very often, consider tweaking it to make it better.

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