Finding The Right Wardrobe Style


For many people, the wardrobe has become an integral design aspect. Space-saving and functional, it also enhances the bedroom’s aesthetic appeal. What are the latest wardrobe styles, and how much will a wardrobe cost when designing one? When putting together a new modular wardrobe Singapore, these are all questions you should ask yourself, whether it’s a standalone or bespoke built-in.

To assist you in choosing a wardrobe, here are seven fundamentals and tips:
The wardrobe’s outward look

Wardrobes for storing clothes can be finished in various ways, including laminate, veneer, acrylic, paint, mirror, and colored glass. Consider the external appearance, an essential item in your bedroom’s design that attracts attention. It personalizes the area, reflects one’s personality, and enriches the bedroom’s overall style.

Wardrobe design for the inside

Don’t buy a wardrobe if you can help with it because it looks good outside. When it comes to maximizing storage space, the interiors that include shoe shelves, sliding shelves, drawers with/without locks, shirt/saree hooks, hinges, mirrors, and knobs are crucial components. Furthermore, a depth of 24 inches is favored over one of 18 inches.

Off-the-shelf vs. custom-made wardrobes

You may have freestanding or pre-made wardrobes, as well as custom ones, for your home. A custom wardrobe is tailored to your specifications. Additionally, there are several styles of wardrobes depending on the bedroom’s design, size, and other variables. Even if you’re relocating to a new home, you may easily relocate a freestanding wardrobe closet online from one bedroom wall to another.

The size of the wardrobe

Before you buy a wardrobe or even begin to compare wardrobe prices, it’s best to assess the available space. The size of the wardrobe must fit inside the bedroom’s allocated space. There should be no room leftover in your bedroom whether you have a wardrobe that is either large or too little.

The wardrobe’s material

Wardrobes are commonly made of:

  • Particleboard
  • MDF
  • Plywood

Particleboard is the most common. Wardrobes can be made from various materials, including wood veneers, acrylic, and even colored glass. For a more classic look, go with dark-toned materials like wood or stone; light laminates, mirrors, or steel for a more modern look.

The door style 

The shutter panel style and the door numbers on a wardrobe are just as important as the interior design. They must be simple to open and close and not warp or bend over time. You can choose from Sliding Door Wardrobe Singapore to bifold closet doors, mirror closet doors, accordion closet doors, and more in the design of your wardrobe door. Accordion and pocket door options are also available.

The utility of the wardrobe 

Your closet storage needs vary greatly based on how much and what clothing type you want to keep there. The more clothes you own, the more amount of storage space you’ll need. However, suppose you’re shopping for a children’s wardrobe. In that case, you’ll probably want something with numerous drawers so you can separate their various types of stuff.