Best Star Rating Plugins For WordPress In 2021


Ratings can be referred to as the reviews or feedback of the users for any sort of product or service which they used. It plays a very important role for the consumers as they purchase anything, may be online or offline, they first check the reviews and ratings to know about how other users felt of the product/service. This gives the new buyers a kind of assurance on the basis of other user’s experience and creates an urge to buy the product. This shows how important is the review and rating in the decision-making processes and so one should hire WordPress Developers in order to get the rating plugins in your existing system.

The online rating system gives people an opportunity to express their satisfaction level for any kind of service or product which becomes the decisive factor for others while purchasing things. The reviews and ratings not just helps others in making their decision but also helps companies to improve their online presence and reach the customers. WordPress Development Company India provides their customers with the various options of Rating plugins available so that they can easily fetch the benefit out of it.

The Rating plugins come with various designs and features like emojis, stars, hearts etc., different layouts like tabular, grid, inline etc. which gives an option for customization. Also, these plugins are easily accessible over mobile phones, and other digital gadgets.


Below mentioned are some of the best rating plugins available for WordPress, it includes both free and paid one.

  1. StarCat reviews

It is the one with the best user rating features on the WordPress market,

-It has the feature which limits the users only to those who are already logged in on their website and can provide access as the guest users.

-It provides both, pros, and cons sections to share the views, so that both good and bad reviews can be given.

-Google reCAPTCHA is enabled to avoid disturbance from bots and spam ratings.

-Once can easily change the colors and icons of the review system, may be the one matching with your brand.

-There are many powerful addons like Photo Reviews addon, Comparison Table addon etc.

2) WP Product Review Lite

It is meant specifically for those reviewers who want to create a website on products review and consequently earn the affiliate commissions.

-It has both ’Pros and Cons’ sections to list both advantages and disadvantages of the product or service.

-It has a detailed range of the custom icons to select from.

-Rich snippets can always be added to the profile.

-Here the reviewers can generate the revenue while reviewing the product by allowing the affiliate button to post their reviews.

-The front-end review system allows anyone to come to the website and post their review.

-It got a unique feature which automatically creates a comparison table on the basis of the existing reviews.

3) Smash Balloon-Facebook social review feed

-It allows to reflect the review directly from the Facebook Page with star ratings to directly on the WordPress website. It is majorly beneficial for those who have good reviews on the business page of Facebook.

-The above ultimately improves the online presence of the brand.

-One can also purchase Custom Facebook Feed Pro to use the Facebook Reviews extension.

4) Site Reviews

It is one of the simplest yet effective ways to collect the ratings and reviews on the website and also it is free.

-Here one can tag the best of reviews and make it appear at the top in the list.

-Using the short codes, blocks, and widgets, one can display the reviews anywhere on the website.

-In case one losses the data, then there is an option of backup and restore.

-To get out of the spam reviews, this plugin can easily integrate with Akismet.

-The reviews can easily be imported or exported so that it spreads all across.

So, anybody who is looking for bare essentials can go for this lightweight and clean plugin.

5) WP Forms

It is one of the most popular plugins with multiple benefits. It is not just beginners friendly but also has some amazing features like it allows the users to submit their ratings through their forms.

-Using the Testimonial Template, the star ratings can be easily coupled along with the testimonials. This helps to collect all the testimonials, ratings, and reviews at one place only.

6)Google Reviews Widget

It is quite a different rating plugin than others in a way that it takes all the Google business reviews and reflects it on the website. So, customers do not need to write the reviews separately.

-It supports multiple languages so that it can accept the reviews from different parts of the world.

-Various themes are available to choose from so that one customize the appearance as per their requirement.

-The Google rich snippets help to improvise the effectiveness of SEO.

-Google, Yelp & Facebook, three review platforms can easily integrate with the plugin.

-Trust Badges, Grids, format are some of the unique elements of this plugin

-It offers support to darker websites also, unlike others.


A complete product review website can be formed using this star rating plugin and thus, one has full control on the display and appearance of the review options.

-It allows the user to post their ratings

-It is very easy to translate and supports localization.

-It has three different types of ratings-Star, Point & Percentage

-Best, Recent and Random views, are the three types of widgets that it supports.

-It allows complete customization including colors, images, style, patterns etc.

-It also supports RTL language.

Hence for the standard styling and simple use case, one can opt for Taqyeem.

8)Photo review for WooCommerce

As the title suggests, here all the one who would share their reviews have to click the picture of the product they are reviewing and upload it on the website. It is considered to be one of the powerful rating tools.

-It reveals the writing and allows the customers to make comparisons.

-One can also import reviews from AliExpress.

-Although it is specified that all the customer reviews should include photos but with requirement it can be turned off as well.

-reviews can be added from the admin panel in the Pro version of this Rating tool.


The above description clarifies that every rating tool has its own benefits and limitations, hence users can always select as per their requirement and ultimately the final audience should be provided with the good content. As if and if they are happy with the product or services, the website is offering, only then they will leave a review/comment or share their experience in some form. Example, one can go for Google Reviews Widget if one wants to fetch the reviews automatically from google & Yelp. And WP Product review is good , where online stores want the rating for their criteria.