5 common mistakes you should avoid in planted Aquarium


Are you experience extreme trouble in finding the balance in your new fish tank? You can’t able to figure out why aquatic plants won’t able to survive in the aquarium, but algae are thriving.  From this statement, you can easily estimate how much fun it is in setting up a successful planted aquarium but at the same time, it can be a little frustrating too, when things don’t turn out in your favor.  Here we are listing 5 common mistakes that you should avoid in your planted aquarium please have a look:-

No frequent cleaning or water change

Water is the main element in an aquarium; therefore you should keep it on the bonus side. Even the problem related to algae also resolves when you increase the frequency of water change. Especially for the high planted tank with big fish, it is essential for you to change 30% of the water in the tank at least twice a week. However, for the low-tech tank, this action can be performed once a week.

Not involving plants in the aquarium set up

Well this option is not so obvious, because many people think why to invest extra time and money in heavily planting an aquarium especially when it will fill in any form?  Well it would be nice if things work in this manner, because in the sparely planted tank it takes time to fill in. On the other hand, algae take the advantage of low competition for nutrient and light and potentially over-take the whole space.  Besides this tank will not that appealing and underplanted for the long time. For this it is recommended to cover as many square inches of the aquarium as you can with a live aquarium plants for sale.

Unnecessary usage of substrate

If you get a time to think about you favorite planted aqua spaces, remember what makes these to look so professional and all together? The great choice of plants, growth of bushy, pleasant hard cape and they have comparatively thin layer of substrate in the front of the tank. For the front of the glass, the substrate is considered to 3 cm in length. Besides for attaining the classier look, according to your preference you can have infinitesimally thin sand layer on the front, rising at the height to give a feel that it moves back in the tank in order to meet the substrate.

Overstuffing in tank

Every seasoned or not so seasoned fish keeper will warn you about the overstocking in the aquarium.  It put too much stress on the aquatic plants and fishes as it produce dangerous amount of nitrogenous quantities and organic waste that makes aquarium cleaning quite tricky. In a well aquatic plants aquarium where fertilizers are also added, overstocking will turn out to be an effective formula for growing it as an algae farm.

Excess use of fertilizer

Aquatic plants in India require a particular type of nutrition to grow basically in the form of fertilizer. But there is no fix quantity how much they need? If your tank have enriched amount of substrate, then the answer would be quite less amount than you are thinking. While setting up a new tank it is suggested to wait for at least few weeks before actually adding any fertilizer, in order to keep the growth of algae in control, after this slowly add small amount  and increase it if you find plant’s leaves are turning yellow, or there are tiny hole on it.