5 Common Errors Why You Should Delete PDF Pages


PDF allows users to present and exchange files reliably – independent of hardware, software, or operating systems. PDF comes with many features that make everyone’s work more interactive, reliable, secured, and efficient. It may contain buttons and links, audio, video, form fields and can be signed electronically. You can view and access it easily on any device.

However, there are instances when users want to remove pages from their PDF files. One of these reasons is confidentiality. The file creator may wish to keep some essential details private. Also, it may be due to some errors present in the file. Read on, and this article will talk about the common mistakes that might make you delete pages from your PDF.

1.    Image resolution is too low. 

Blurry or pixelated photos in a PDF is a big turnoff. This output might make you wish to delete pages from PDF and replace them with another. Suppose your photos or images appear unappealing on your high-resolution PDF. In that case, chances are caused by the following reasons: a filter is applied to the image, photos are imported from social media accounts, or the quality of your uploaded image.

2.    Some fonts are not embedded in the file.

It can result in the wrong spacing of characters and lead to text getting the wrong typeface. Moreover, characters may overlap each other. At the same time, others may have too much spacing in between.

Generally, all Type 1 fonts can be embedded in PDF files. However, some TrueType fonts have embedding restrictions. Some prefer to delete pages from PDF if the font they liked is not embedded. To avoid this error and save you time and effort, you may determine first whether a TrueType font can be embedded or not.

3.    Issues with flattened transparency.

Flattening may cause white rectangles to appear in images or artwork. It can also result in thin white lines appearing, shifts in color, or make text appear bigger in size or fat.

4.    Bleed is missing.

You may see a thin white line between the paper edge or close by tinted areas or images when this happens. Unless this is corrected, the thin white line will be present.

5.    Some data entered are incorrect.

If you are the file’s author, you would have to delete pages if some of the content is erroneous. These errors may include the wrong information you might have included in the document, misspelled words, redundant data you entered, or a repetition of the whole page.

Delete Pages with GogoPDF

  1. Type GogoPDF on your browser. Once you are on the page, click Tools and look for the View and Edit icon.

2. Click Delete PDF Pages. Upload the file with the pages you want to remove. Select your file from your computer, or you may drag and drop it into the toolbox.

3. When the document is uploaded, choose the pages you want to erase.

4. Save your edited file and download it to your computer. Like other edited files at GogoPDF, you may share the file on all your social media accounts.

You can have a new PDF file with all those unnecessary or unwanted pages removed with only four simple steps. In no time, you are ready to do further modifications and replace the removed pages.

Other Methods to Delete Pages From PDF

1.    You may also remove pages on Preview.

Users can delete specific pages from documents with the built-in Mac Preview app. Multiple pages can be deleted from your file using Mac. Here is how to do it.

  • Select and open the PDF file you need. Access it into your Preview App on Mac OS X.
  • Enable the Thumbnail View so you can see all the pages.
  • Select the page you want to remove from the page thumbnails list.
  • Now, click the DELETE icon to erase your selected page/s.
  • Finally, save or export your newly edited file with File Menu > Export as PDF.

2.    Delete Pages Using Adobe Acrobat

  • Open/view your file in Acrobat.
  • Select the Organize Pages tool. In the secondary toolbar, you can find the Organize Pages toolset. The page thumbnails are located in the Document area.
  • Next, choose a page thumbnail you want to remove. Choose the Delete icon. When you see a confirmation dialog box appear on your screen, click Ok to confirm.
  • You may save your PDF.

In A Nutshell

PDF is a reliable and accurate document. However, you must remember that the users are inputting all data it has. The author plays a vital role in an error-free paper. You may want to delete and edit your PDF file as quickly and efficiently as possible. GogoPDF is the right tool for you. There may be other methods, but GogoPDF is the most hassle-free and time-saving method.