4 Reasons Why Australians Should Use Water Filters


There are many claims related to the health advantages of ‘alkaline water’ in today’s wellness world, alkaline diets, and celebrity endorsements. One option is to purchase a water ioniser or an alkaline water purifier. This works like a water filter by passing tap water through an ioniser to alkalise it. This is accomplished by electrolysis, which separates the entering water stream into acidic and alkaline components, raising the pH of the tap water. Another option is to purchase costly bottled spring or mineral water. This water flows through rocks and soil, absorbing various minerals that change the pH of the water and make it more alkaline—nothing like a drink of cool water to relieve your thirst and make you feel revitalised. Straight from the tap, Australian water is rated one of the cleanest and best tasting in the world. As a result, you might be asking why you should bother with the alkaline water filter trend.

1. Corrosion and clogged pipes will be avoided

Corrosion and degradation are possible when pipelines are older. This implies that the water that comes out of your tap will have dangerous amounts of lead. This is especially dangerous for young children. Furthermore, it has been stated that water taps across Australia have begun to produce more debris and sludge due to their age. This makes it darker in colour and contains pollutants. You’re probably still drinking this water without noticing it due to usage restrictions.

2. You Can Lower Your Carcinogen Exposure

There are dangerous substances that can react with water. If you don’t drink from the tap and instead purchase containers from a water source, the plastic can contain carcinogens that can harm your system and even cause cancer if used for long periods. Reusing plastic bottles is thus not recommended since these materials can leak poisons and other dangerous compounds. Suppose your plastic bottles have even a tiny manufacturing flaw or are reused over time. In that case, carcinogens stored in the material can be released, causing long-term harm to you and your family.

3. You Can Cut Down on Your Plastic Use

Because filtered water eliminates bottled water, you can drastically minimise your plastic usage. Over 726 million litres of bottled water were used in Australia alone in approximately a year. When you consider how much one family contributes, you’ll see how much you can assist cut consumption by converting to filtered water.

4. You Can Eliminate Chemical Additions

It’s no secret that chemicals are added to the water pumped into our houses from treatment plants. Chlorine, ammonia, fluoride, and other chemicals are manually added to make the water safe to drink. Regardless, these compounds are still chemicals that are introduced to the mix. A filter comes in helpful if you want to get the safety benefits of those substances without swallowing them.