2 Reasons Why You Need a Quality EV Charging Cable

EV charging cable 

Electric vehicles are the fruits of science and modernity. They are a class apart in the automobile world because of their eco-friendly nature and because they can be charged at home. Electric vehicles are beneficial to the environment, consume zero fuel, are low-maintenance, and perform better than a regular fuel-driven vehicle. Switching to an electric-powered vehicle is exceptionally beneficial, attractive, and in demand in the market today. You need to make sure your electric vehicle is charged entirely before you leave the house, and you are good to go!

A sturdy EV charging cable can take you a long way to efficiently charge your electric vehicles within the comfort of your own homes. With specific electric cables promising to charge your vehicle around the same time it would take to fill the gas up, it is truly amazing what technology can do today!

Types of EV Charging Cables

With more significant and better designs in the market today, there are several electric cables for you to choose from. Their heat and weather-resistant features make it easier to charge your vehicles in all weather conditions and for long periods without worry.

Type 1 EV Cable

This type of EV charging cable is the most common type of cable in Australia since most cars in the country have a type 1 socket. With a capacity of 7.4kW at phase one, this cable applies to a wide range of vehicles, making it a great investment to follow you around as you make new EV purchases.

To give you a better idea of its applicability, the following brands use type 1 sockets: Volvi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Audi, and Mitsubishi. Phew, that list seemed like it would never end!

Type 2 EV Cable

While this kind of EV cable is quite popular across Europe, it is only compatible with brands such as Tesla and Renault in Australia. Despite its lack of popularity in the Australian market, what differentiates this type of cable from type 1 is that it allows for a greater charging capacity that runs up to 22kW three-phase charging, making it charge your EV at a much greater speed so you can get back on the road in no time.

The Future of Electric Cables

With climate change and global warming on the horizon and the added benefits of going green and electric, the demand for electric vehicles is rising across the world, making fast and durable EV charging cables a must-have.

With the rate of technological advancement in recent years, the quality and speed of EV charging cables will only get better with time. Depending on the kind of electric vehicle you use and the kind of travelling you engage in daily, the perfect electric cable sits on a shelf, waiting for you to buy it.

With excellent and long-standing warranties, sturdy and reliable weather-resistant materials, high compatibility with a broad range of electric vehicles in the market, and fast charging of your vehicles, EV charging cables of standing quality are in abundance in the market, given its rising demand.

So what are you waiting for? With a good EV charging cable, driving in an electric car just got easier!