Why is Sobha city the most luxurious living location in Gurgaon?


Are you looking for a luxury living option in Gurgaon? Well then, Sobha city is quite appropriate for you. It is one of the most luxurious living locations in Gurgaon and will provide you with an outstanding experience. Sobha city floor plan will provide you with an extreme level of comfort. You will be able to lead a life with ease and convenience. You will also be able to ensure that all your lifestyle goals are attained in the best way possible. So, if you are planning to live in Sobha city Gurgaon, then here are a few things that you require to know:

 Sobha city apartment is situated at an excellent location. It is just 15 minutes away from Dwarka and IGI Airport. It is also quite close to other important amenities.

 The property is developed over 39 acres of land. It also comes with a 75m operational route which makes it an outstanding location for living.

 The Sobha city apartments are surrounded by lush greenery on both sides. So, if you are someone who likes living close to nature, then it is high time that you go for this property and you will be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

 There are different kinds of sports facilities included for all those people who love taking part in different kinds of sports.

 There are lawn tennis courts, cricket grounds, table tennis tables, badminton courts, volleyball courts, ice skating rinks, and much more. The sobha city flat price is also quite affordable in comparison with the amenities provided to you.

 You will be provided with an amphitheater. This can be made to use as per your requirements. This is another major attraction of the apartment.

 There are two separate clubhouses in sobha apartments Gurgaon which are spread over large areas of land. The clubhouses are filled with activities for entertainment like billiards, carrom, cards, cafes, etc.

You will also be provided with a library that is well-stocked with books. This is once again going to provide your hobby of reading a great boost.

There is an extraordinary swimming pool where we can swim to our heart’s content. A separate swimming pool is available for the kids as well so that they can also swim freely without any kind of hindrance.

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