When should I start my child’s preschool?

Preschool in Bangalore

As a parent, it is a difficult task to decide whether your child is ready for preschool or not? It can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. There are several factors to take into account, including how prepared are you as a parent? Also, identify whether your child is emotionally ready to take that leap in his life. This content will help you in identifying all the criteria whether your child can handle the big step to preschool or not:

  • Are you and your child ready for the Separation? Before sending your child to any school or preschool, you need to think about the separation anxiety and how to deal with it. You need to ensure that you and your child is comfortable spending some time away from each other. While separation anxiety is normal in every family, if preschool is the first time you and your child will be separated for few hours, it can be distressing for you both. It is better to make the child’s mind ready by telling him/her that s/he will go to school and stay there for sometimes, play with his/her friends, and come back home. You can choose a preschool where they have a settling strategy for every new child. Try to hang around in the close vicinity of the school in cases of an unprecedented situation. Try to find a Toddler Play School Near Me for ease.
  • He/she is Healthy- Preschool requiresa child to be healthy as being in a new environment with new people demands lots of stamina. For your child’s sake, ensure that your child is reasonably healthy before starting school. It is always a good idea to provide your child with a complete balanced diet.
  • He/she can communicate their needs- If your child can indicate his/her needs, he is ready for Preschool in Bangalore. At preschool if your child can share his/her needs with the teacher after settling period, that would be great. If your child can easily express the needs, he/she is ready to be enrolled in any preschool. However, if your child is not able to communicate well, you might need to find a pre-school who can help him/her by providing the right care, stimuli, and guidelines.  
  • She/He can socialize- If your child is friendly and find it easy to socialize, he is the perfect fit for preschool. And if your child is shy, try to encourage them to socialize and teach some social skills. This is one of the essential skills that come in handy in preschool.
  • Follow Instructions- If your child can follow one step instructions, your child is ready for preschool. This skill is considered one of the milestone skills in children’s development and this will also help them keep up with the teachers’ instructions.

The above points will help you make your decisions whether your child is prepared for preschool or not.