Mehndi and Modern Wedding Trends


Mehndi ceremony, without a doubt, is the most entertaining wedding event with vibrant colours and festive vibes all around. Starting from the beautiful décor to a gorgeous bride and groom attire, the ceremony creates an ambience for taking perfect pictures and making each moment count with everyone enjoying to the fullest. If you’re wondering what trends to follow this mehndi season, you have come to the right place where you can find the latest trends. I was searching for some outfits online; my online shopping is preferably done from Libas e Jamilaand they have the most amazing and stunning wedding collection. While surfing down their site I found a blog that was names as a mehndi blog. This blog is an extensive blog about the mehndi designs.

I loved the content of the blog and kept reading it. found several unique mehndi designs that are best for a trendy wedding. I saved the most of my choice and decided get them done on myhands for an upcoming wedding. I have shared the blog link with lots of friends to see the content and beautiful mehndi designs that they would save as I did for a wedding, eid or any other event.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication the same is implies when getting dolled up for Mehndi attire. The makeup should follow the ‘less is more’ approach instead of overdoing it. The current trends are moving towards nude makeup that has been religiously worn and is now pacing up again. Modern day brides can also go for soft pink blush with a soft shade of lipstick and a winged eyeliner instead of applying heavy eye makeup.

Gharara or Sharara nowadays is THE dress that is trending on mehndi. Why not notch it up for your own big day! We love how this trend has caught up, giving the bride the flair that she deserves. Go for pastel colours if it’s an outdoor day event and bold colours if it’s a night event. Don’t forget to add lots of floral designs and sunshine yellow to your dress! While discussing about the dresses and makeup there comes the most important thing a wedding belongs to. Mehndi is the most importantthing about a wedding a bride. Brides are always excited about the application of mehndi by which they could decorate themselves. It is the most beautiful tradition and that is the sign of being a bride.

Gorgeous Mehndi Designs to Choose From

There are a lot of mehndi design which includes full heavy hands to medium and ends up at the simple mehndi designs. The latest wedding trend that is about mehndi is that not only other women but the bride also prefers simple mehndi designs. These designs vary from heavy fingers and light design sin the middle of the hand or light fingers and heavy palms. There is another ye amazing trend that brides stain their groom’s name on their hand with mehndi. That looks simply beautiful. It has two different kinds a heavy design that has a hidden name in of the groom. The other one is s light design and a whole sentence of the groom’s name; this looks very unique and modish.

There is another design that is a beautiful flowery string on the corners of the hands. That looks very decent and modish. Mehndi being the most colorful and amazing event of the wedding and enjoyed by all the family and guests.

Jewelry& Mehndi Combination

Mehndi also has a connection with the jewelry of the bride everything has to fit in perfectly so the mehndi designs are done accordingly so that it cannot merge the overall look of the bride. The best part about mehndi ceremony is the variety of jewelry trends that we see evolving every season. You have gota and flower jewelry leading the way and transforming the entire mehndi attire. Instead of blooming flowers, small buds are used to create a ring connected with a bangle. A lot of brides are also incorporating metal jewelry with flower jewelry. It adds freshness and color and let’s not forget the refreshing fragrance that the flower jewelry spreads around you. Everything comes into place when the dress, jewelry and mehndi all are done accordingly keeping the grace of the other elements.