Maximizing Logic Controllers for Multiple-System Management


Programmable logic controllers provide the extra hands system managers and specialists need for automation, particularly when dealing with industrial tooling and machinery that needs to run 24/7 for different demands.

Setting a system with a single set of criteria is not hard; most of today’s basic automation uses this kind of template for simple runs that don’t vary. However, when one needs to run different demands at different times, or in a variable scenario, things become more complicated quickly. In effect, a system manager is operating multiple channels of production or operation at the same time. The appropriate channel or level of operation is chosen based on given criteria occurring and the system switches accordingly. Programmable logic controllers make this easy to do as well as accommodate new changes without having to set up an entire new automation system first.

Picking the Right Tool for the Job

The Eaton easy E4 is a robust unit that provides maximum flexibility for the above needs. With 12 standard input/output choices and an expansion option up to 188 different input/output options, right from the start the controller is extremely compatible with most connection modes. No surprise, many facility managers, for example, utilize the Eaton easyE4 to operate multiple building systems at the same time, including irrigation, HVAC, lighting, window shade movement, water pumps and more.

The use and operation of the easyE4 isn’t a Grand Canyon of a challenge either. Most operators are able to learn and manage the programmable logic controller through its built-in panel and associated programming software. That control provides the ability to manage voltage ranges between three different options (DC/AC/UC), the ability to combine multiple easyE4s into hubs, seamless Ethernet connections, programming in four different standard languages, different display options, and micro SD card storage for removable data capture.

One of the key advantages of the easyE4 controller is the built-in software that comes integrated with the product. The Eaton easySoft application helps provide the operating system for the controllers from the company, both in terms of capability and display. That includes the ability to edit circuit diagrams as well as work out models with an offline simulation option. This is ideal for theoretical circuit testing before putting it into production. It’s an ideal set up for a system team that frequently has to work with changes and new configurations, sometimes on the fly. Instead of using a painful trial and error method real-time, the simulation tool allows testing without risking equipment.

Expanded Product Support With Eaton

Seagate Controls works regularly with Eaton products, including programmable controllers like the easyE4. As a result, our specialists are able to competently help clients and customers explore the possibilities with the product as well as how it can fit in specific system designs and operations. Further, our approach at Seagate Controls involves a long term partnership of customer support and help with product maintenance. So, when you choose Eaton through us, you’re bringing on board the technical help to troubleshoot both installations and ongoing operations well after the fact as well. It makes a huge difference. Call us to find out more about the EasyE4 and our customer service approach. You’ll be surprised by what’s possible.