Linden Honey – Is It Effective For Treating Migraine Headache?


Over the years, many premium honey varieties have been appreciated by mankind. Linden honey is a popular monofloral honey variety with a rich flavor profile and several health benefits.

Stories passed down from one age to another discuss the tree from which Linden Honey is made out. In ancient history, individuals worshiped the linden tree as the mystical tree of life. Eventually, in time, it was considered an object of love.

Alluded to as basswood trees in North America, people in the U.K. refer to these as lime trees. Despite the uniqueness in the terminology, this plant belongs to the Tilia variety, which has 30 species of trees.

These trees are native all through the more significant part of the Northern Hemisphere. They flourish well in regions with favorable environments like Asia, where one can find the most significant species variety. However, they are boundless in the eastern half of the United States, with numerous linden forests concentrated close to the Appalachian Mountains.

Honey produced from the nectar of such trees is known for its exceptional natural antibacterial action, antioxidant, tonic, and liver-protective properties, mild cough-suppressant, and expectorant effects. It is an effective natural remedy to treat migraine headaches to surprise you more.

Migraine headaches are agonizing and now and again can hit you at the most exceedingly worst of times when you don’t have the energy to rush to a physicist. Using home remedial solutions for a migraine headache appeals to the vast majority looking for a natural method for easing the pain and the people who can’t use pain reliever drugs for different reasons. Headaches start with throbbing pain behind the eyes. Then, the pain, step by step, develops all through the head, making you sensitive to light, action, or any movement.

But what makes it beneficial to provide such relief?

  • Consuming two teaspoons of Linden honeyis known to help lessen migraines and headaches for some people. This is because it contains potassium and magnesium, which can increase the blood flow to the brain.
  • Add two teaspoons of powdered cinnamon to 1 ½ cup of milk and boil it for a couple of minutes. Next, add a teaspoon of honey, blend and mix it altogether and drink it no less than two times every day suffering from a headache.
  • Trying a smoothie with natural ingredients like cucumber, watermelon, linden honey, and mint help reduce brain fog and increase focus. This honey variety is rich in minerals that aid in blood vessel relaxation, which promotes blood and oxygen flow to the brain.
  • Apart from this, linden honey is a great ingredient to soothe a nauseous or upset stomach, as it can calm down nerves and muscle spasms in the gut. An agitated stomach is expected during a migraine attack, and the stomach and mind are personally associated. Therefore, relieving the stomach with a spoonful of linden honey can assist with alleviating headaches, as well.
  • Linden honey is high in powerful anti-inflammatories that strengthen the heart and mind. A study showed that the people who consume linden honey regularly are less inclined to experience the ill effects of heart failures and strokes. It also assists with boosting memory and preventing the decline in brain function.
  • Drinking warm lemon water mixed with linden honey subsequent to waking up is an antiquated well-being custom. The lemon is high in L-ascorbic acid and assists the body with cleansing itself from the inside out. In addition, the citrus extract kick-starts the digestive system, which can slow back during a migraine attack. This is a significantly tastier and supporting beverage to relieve such pains.
  • Dehydration makes migraine attacks even more painful. Headaches increase with a lack of hydration, so drinking sufficient water each and every day is really vital to forestall them. Drinking water mixed with a teaspoonful of honey to prevent a headache or migraine attack could help it from getting worse and can make it go away if it was caused by dehydration.

Migraine symptoms vary from person to person and even from one migraine attack to the next. Thus, the people need to keep away from migraine initiating substances like MSG (monosodium glutamate), over-the-top caffeine, phenylethylamine found in chocolate and cheddar, liquor, tyramine found in fermented meats, nuts and soy, and aspartame present in many artificially sweetened food varieties.

People who are experiencing such pain should avoid all gadgets, including mobile phones, PC, and TV. Practice good eating habits at ordinary spans since a drop in blood sugar can set the stage for headaches. Exercise regularly to keep up good physical & mental health, stop using regular sugar, and replace it with natural honey to experience the benefits. Make a conscious effort to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and get rid of such pain forever.