How many weed seeds do you need to cultivate marijuana?


High-quality marijuana seeds are essential to have the best yield. However, one of the common concerns of beginners is- how many marijuana seeds they should purchase to grow a plant. While cultivating lettuce, and other herbs, you drop a number of seeds into a single hole. On the contrary, melons and cucumbers need a large seed for the growth of a plant. But, what should the marijuana growers do for the cultivation? According to professional growers, you can plant one seed per square meter (per pot) to have a big plant.


Still, you have to focus on some factors to make your final decision. 


Cannabis seed type

When you have bought regular cannabis seeds, you cannot identify the plant genus. In case of regular seeds, there is 60% chance of developing a female plant. As male plants have no buds, you must buy several marijuana seeds Canada. You will find the growth of some female plants.


You can buy feminized weed seeds to ensure the flowering of female plants. There will be 99.9% female plant. For this reason, several growers have invested in feminized seeds.

Another option for you is the autoflowerng seeds, which are slightly costlier options. Based on your growing skills and budget, you can select the right one. 


Germination rate and seed quality

Seed quality is one of the factors to decide on the number of weed seeds you must buy. For instance, fresh seeds have a very high germination rate. You can directly plant these seeds in the soil. On the contrary, dried and old seeds need germination before planting. 

To ensure the better development of these weed seeds, you have to properly deal with the growing conditions. The most important thing is that the growing environment of these seeds must have a pH value ranging from 6.0 to 7.0.


Moreover, you know that no every seed has a chance of germinating into a plant. More than 90% of the high-quality seeds have the potential for germination. But, you must not anticipate 100% germination. That is why you must have an additional number of seeds to grow marijuana plants.


Basically, you have two options-


Planting a single seed per square meter


With proper care, you will find every seed growing into a large plant. By purchasing the best seeds, you will have a higher ROI. Although some plants may not thrive well, you will get a good number of crops. 


Planting multiple seeds per square meter-


It is another option for the growth of marijuana. While the seedlings started growing, you may easily choose the right ones. Growers planting regular seeds apply this method. This process ensures strong and healthy plants. But, the demerit is that it is not easy to identify the best quality plants.


To buy marijuana seeds online, you have to learn about this important information. You will find better yield and grow the weeds as a professional grower. Look for the most reliable store to purchase your seeds.