Honesty- The Best Policy


Being honest throughout life is hard. But the contentment it offers is matchless. Honesty reflects the perception of individuals towards life. It is one of the finest tools to foster connection between people. Society trusts and admires a person who is honest. People value their words and shower respect for their deeds. The third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, once stated: “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”. Being honest in life helps kids to open multiple doors of opportunity in their lives. Honesty can be proclaimed as the solution for most of the trouble in human lives.

Honesty paves the way to peace. The complexity of human lives can be decreased to a greater extent if people start to uphold honesty before any other policy. Like the words told by Benjamin Franklin, ”Honesty is the best policy”. It will help kids to build simple and uncomplicated lives. People who are honest can easily keep troubles out of their lives. It helps them to feel free and composed. Honesty can be considered a superpower that helps kids to succeed in life. By being honest, kids can easily mark rapid progress in their academics as well as in their personal life.

Benefits of Being Honest in Life

The growth of a nation is determined by the character of the people living in it. If most of them are dishonest and deceitful, then the situation will be troublesome. And that is why honesty is considered one of the most important virtues of human life. Following truth and being honest in life helps in developing a strong moral character. It reflects the purity of humanity and allows people to follow qualities like kindness, respect, discipline, punctuality, etc. There are numerous benefits offered by honesty, and some of them are listed below.

  • Honesty helps to reveal the original personality of individuals. By being honest, individuals will not fake their character. They mark self-expression and provide an opportunity to live a life by being true to themselves.
  • Honesty helps to improve the self-confidence of individuals. It requires great courage to reveal and stand firmly with truth throughout life. As a result, being honest is widely considered an act of valour.
  • Honesty helps to win the respect of others. A person who is honest is considered trustworthy by the people in society. It enhances the social standard and reputation of individuals. Moreover, it improves the relationship between individuals.
  • Honesty develops maturity in individuals. Following the path of truth will help individuals to understand any situation and make the most appropriate decisions in life. By being honest, people will realise that truth is the most important quality that affixes humanity.

People all around the world are blindly pursuing perfection. They are neglecting the fact that there is no such thing as perfection for anything in this world. It is high time to substitute their pursuit of perfection and live real life instead. Real is the true beauty. Live as who you are and always be true to yourself. There are multiple resources available on the internet to learn more about the benefits of being honest in life. Kids can engage in exercises like essay writing activities and listening to short stories to learn the moral values of life. For more learning topics and entertaining activities, visit BYJU’S website.