Everything You Should Know about Electric Fireplaces


Fireplaces are a common centerpiece for a cozy, warm, and inviting living spaces.  However, as more types of them are invented, it is a little more difficult to choose one that will suit our needs best.  Most of us are already familiar with wood-burning fireplaces, since they are the traditional style, but what about the electric ones?

The first time that I ever saw an electric one was when I went to a hotel in West Virginia, at a resort that I used to go to all the time as a child.  I remember being so amazed at all of the different buttons and wanting to try everything out, but my parents were nervous having me around it.  Was that justified?  Well, maybe – but today, I would like to give you a rundown on them and how they work.

A Question of Style

Perhaps my biggest concern when selecting a type of fireplace to get was whether it would fit in with the vibe of the rest of my home.  I took inspiration from blogs like this one, https://theeverygirl.com/interior-design-trends/, if you want to get an idea of what I am speaking about.  Anyhow – it is important to consider this even if you are not huge on interior design.

Why is that?  Well, there could come a time where you are looking to sell your home.  Buyers typically do put great stock on whether the components of your home will work together and require little to no renovation work on their part.  That can significantly boost the value of a property.

Are electric fireplaces stylish?  Honestly, the verdict may appear mixed at first, but overall, I would say that it is a resounding yes.  They are convenient, simple to use, and do not require extra components like logs or the tools used to tend a live fire.  Of course, they can also look quite pretty, which is certainly nothing to ignore!

How do They Work?

With some of the interior design points out of the way, now we can turn our attention to slightly more practical matters.  How do these even work, right?  Well, it is a question that I wondered a lot about myself as well.

When it comes to a led fireplace, they can have a few different mechanisms depending on the one that you decide to purchase.  What you should know about them upfront is that they are a bit more versatile than some of the other types, as well as being more eco-friendly.  Talk about a triple win, right?

They mimic the appearance of a “normal” fireplace (the wood-burning or gas ones) while not requiring the same maintenance.  Most of the time, you would not even require a professional installation service because of how they work.  What are those mechanisms?

Typically, they have a heating coil on the inside.  So, it works by pulling in the cool air from the room and heating it up with that coil.  Then, it expels that energy, creating warmth for those in the surrounding area.  Ingenious, right?

Basically, the goal is to create that same warm and cozy feeling without the need to fuss with maintenance and cleaning up all of the time.  They might be slightly pricier than their gas counterparts, but I think most of us can agree that the tradeoffs are well worth it.  That will be up to your discretion, though.

Are they Worth it?

As I implied above, personally I think that the answer is yes.  However, you will have to be the one to determine whether or not it will work for you and your family.  They are quite safe to have in a home with small children.

They do not have an open flame, as you can read about here on this web page.  The most dangerous part about traditional wood-burning fireplaces is the fact that they pose a serious fire hazard.  If something goes wrong, the whole house could go ablaze without the proper safety precautions.  Obviously, that is not a concern with the electric type.

For that reason alone, I will say that I consider them to be worth the investment.  As I alluded to in the first section, they also add value to your home.  Now, if you do decide to move, you can opt to take it with you as well.  Because they do not require that professional installation process, you can simply take it to your new home as well if you would like to keep it!

Really, the negatives do not seem to hold a candle to all of the perks.  I understand that desire for a wood-burning fireplace, since they do offer that sound of the crackling logs.  However, the safety of yourself and your family should probably be put first.