8 great benefits to buy cat eye glasses online


Eyeglasses are a very delicate product since they are responsible for guaranteeing eye care and good vision. These are just a few reasons and benefits why buying eyeglass such as cat eye glasses online is a good idea.

  1. It is cheaper:

The equation is simple. By having our optician online, we do not need to incur the following expenses:

– Local rental

Recruitment of staff

– Lens inventory

– Security of the premises

– Cleaning of the premises

– Training people

These are just to mention a few. With all these savings you benefit from buying high-quality lenses, at a lower price.

  1. Protected by warranty no questions asked:

As mentioned, the advantage of buying your eyeglasses online they are cheaper, we are able to offer you a 24-hour guarantee without asking a single question. If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable or the glasses you bought are not to your liking, you can return your pair to us. We even pay to ship. If there was a need to cancel or modify orders, please contact the customer service team within 24 hours.

  1. It is more comfortable:

Let’s face it… One of the main reasons why we stop doing things is because they require time that we don’t have. Buying glasses online is easier and faster than going to a physical optician.

Instead of using your break time to organize yourself to go to a physical optician, go to https://www.vooglam.com, choose the lenses of your choice and configure them to your needs.

If you need them graduated, just take a photo of your prescription, register it manually, if you want to send it by mail later or choose that we call you by phone so that you can send us the data, enter your shipping address, choose your payment method, it can be by credit or debit card, bank transfer from a cash or separately or PayPal and done.

You will be notified by email about the completion of your purchase with all the details so that you can make the payment if necessary and at the time we deliver them to the parcel. As simple as that! All through your mobile device or through a computer with internet access.

  1. No one pressures you to buy expensive treatments:

In physical opticians, the optometrists who serve you or the salespeople are usually paid commissions according to the amount of the sale they make.

Consequently, they will always try to sell you more, even when your lenses do not need a certain treatment or that the use you are going to give them does not require some material in the lenses with a higher cost, they will seek to make your purchase as expensive as possible.

In our online store, we have all the information you need to know about the technology behind our lenses, you decide what is strictly necessary for your needs.

  1. Avoid going 2 or 3 times to the optician:

When you buy your eyeglass like cateye glasses at a physical optician, you need to go at least 2 times, the day you buy them and the day they are delivered to you. Besides, if you have any discomfort or your glasses need some adjustment, you have to go back to get the service.

  1. You can make your purchase from anywhere – At the time you want:

With the internet, we have become independent from the need to be in a specific place at a certain time. We take advantage of this great advantage with our online store, where you choose the all types of eyeglasses including cat eye glasses, you want and we send them to you.

One of the problems of buying your glasses from a traditional optician is that you have to go to the store several times. Now, when buying them online, it is not necessary. You can choose the model you want without leaving your home – It’s that simple!

  1. Incredible quality: 

Currently, the Vooglam models stand out, a brand that has spent more than 5 years seeking maximum customer satisfaction with

the best sunglasses, prescription glasses, and sports glasses; These lenses are characterized by being made with quality materials.

  1. Free choice of frame: 

One of the problems with going to a physical optician is that, in many cases, the number of available models is very limited. In the case of online shopping, the alternatives are greater and there are more options to choose the cat eye frames you want.


Make the change, and stop paying more for your eyeglasses. We know that there are cheaper lenses in physical optics, but we assure you that the quality of the materials is the same. At https://www.vooglam.com, we are committed to the total satisfaction of our customers by offering ophthalmic products of the highest quality and at the best price.

Take the test, we know that changes are not easy, but once you receive your cat eye glasses frames at home, you will never visit a physical optician again.