10 Qualities to Look for in a Fitness Coach/Personal Trainer


When hiring a fitness coach/personal trainer, you should look for the following qualities. Experience, NPTI certification, and listening skills are all important traits. Most gyms require trainer certifications. Lastly, you should look for references and client reviews to ensure that you are getting a quality fitness coach/personal trainer. Listed below are some of the qualities to look for in a fitness coach/personal trainer.

10 qualities to look for in a fitness coach/personal trainer

When looking for a fitness coach/personal trainer, it is important to ask questions that will help you find the best fit. Many fitness coaches are also very good communicators, and if they are not, you should look elsewhere. Listed below are the 10 qualities that you should look for in a fitness coach/personal trainer. Having excellent communication skills is essential if you want to be able to relate to your clients.


If you’ve ever thought about becoming a fitness coach or personal trainer, then now is the time to start applying for jobs. Although many people start as a personal trainer, the job of a fitness coach can be far more rewarding. This type of job involves various tasks, such as assessing clients’ physical conditions and devising workout programs tailored to their specific needs. A fitness coach also demonstrates how to use training equipment, and explains how to use it correctly and safely to their clients.

NPTI certification

NPTI has several levels of fitness certifications for personal Functional Trainers Melbourne and fitness coaches. The basic certification, CPT, requires at least 100 hours of training. Additional training is required for the NPTI CPT, which is worth up to $6,900. It is important to note, however, that obtaining this certification requires additional effort and expense. The program requires re-certification every two years, and Commercial Ski Trainers must obtain two continuing education units during that time. NPTI offers online courses and hands-on workshops to help candidates pass the certification process. While there are some advantages and disadvantages to NPTI certification, it does not stack up against ACE and NASM.

Listening skills

One of the most important qualities a fitness coach/personal trainer can possess is the ability to listen. Good listeners are highly respected by their clients. They understand the nuances of human communication and can make the difference between an effective workout and a bad one. Effective listening skills can help build client relationships and make clients’ health goals more achievable. An attentive fitness coach/personal trainer can provide clues to physical or alignment issues by allowing their clients to speak freely and openly.

Experience with clients similar to yours

When hiring a fitness coach/personal trainer, it is important to look for their experience working with clients like you. This is crucial, because an employer may lose clients if their fitness trainer becomes a celebrity, or leave for reasons of independence. It is not a good thing for a business, either. You should look for an instructor who focuses on training clients to develop new skills and train their bodies to perform these new movements.