Your Ultimate Portable Fridge Buying Guide


When people go hiking or camping, one problem that they face is food spoilage. Whether you’re out doing your adventures, there is no other thing that you want to do than to relax, and you don’t want to ruin that by spoiled food.

A portable fridge is an excellent way of storing your food so that you are assured that they are fresh by the time you eat. This is why you should check for a portable fridge online so that you can bring one for your next camping trip.

This equipment is relatively new, and you might not know what things to watch out for. So, this is your guide to buying a portable refrigerator from the internet.

Choose the size you are comfortable with

Portable fridges come in different sizes. Naturally, bigger-sized refrigerators have bigger capacity, but they also take up more space and will be heavier to handle. So unless you are camping beside your car, it would be best to stick with a more compact one easier to carry.

When choosing the size that will be comfortable for you, think about how much storage space it will take up in your car together with other equipment. The idea of using a portable fridge may excite you, and you may go overboard with the capacity you can manage.

The size of a portable fridge is measured in litres and starts at around 10L. However, large portable refrigerators can go as big as 100L in size.

Select a fridge type

There are several types of portable refrigerators, and each of them has its pros and cons.

  • Two-way fridge.This type of fridge uses the same compressor technology as your ordinary home refrigerator. However, they are specially designed to run on a 12- or 24-volt battery from your car. They can also run on mains electricity.

Refrigerators that run on compressors would have to be constantly charged, so they are not ideal for long-term trips. But you can also use a solar panel to charge them.

  • Three-way fridge. These are also called gas portable fridges as they use LPG, gas flow heat exchanges, and even 12, 24, or 240 volts. They can’t perform as well as their two-way counterparts, but they are quiet machines that should be kept level to work.

When you are planning an outdoor trip for months at a time, then this will be the perfect portable fridge for you. One LPG cylinder can last you weeks, which you can’t get from a regular battery setup.

  • Thermoelectric portable fridge.A thermoelectric fridge does not perform as well as the other two refrigerators. It draws a lot more current, and it cannot maintain a safe temperature for food storage. However, this can primarily be used for pre-chilled drinks when you want to keep your drinks cool at the beach.

Look for features that can be useful for you

When you buy a portable fridge online, you will notice that each brand and model has unique features. Make sure that you read up on these additional parts and components to find the refrigerator that is worth your money.

Some useful features that you should look for in a portable fridge are:

  • Battery protection
  • Low current drain
  • 12-volt connector
  • Mounting hardware
  • Portable fridge slides and shock minimization
  • Insulation
  • Thermostat and thermometer
  • Adequate temperature range
  • Durable construction
  • Drain plug
  • Compressor type
  • Baskets
  • Cover
  • Availability of spare parts

Check out the accessories available

Different brands also offer a variety of accessories that come with a portable fridge when you purchase one. They are usually indicated in the product description.

Some portable refrigerators have security locks and cables, stands, power packs, or solar panels.

When you are already planning your next outdoor adventure, remember that a portable fridge is a helpful and compact appliance that can make your experience more convenient and enjoyable. With a portable fridge, you can eat delicious meals that you never imagined you could eat during an outdoor trip.