Why Should You Register Your Private Limited Company In India?


There are thousands of entrepreneurs who start their companies every year because a private limited company is considered to be one of the most preferred business entities in the whole corporate world. In comparison to other forms of ownership, it comes with several kinds of advantages for the people for example easy transferability, complete protection of Limited liability, equity funding and several other kinds of related things. Hence, the company form of organisation is considered to be the ideal choice for most people especially start-ups nowadays. Hence, this is one of the most important reasons that people are interested to register a private limited company in India.

Following are some of the very basic reasons why people should go with this particular concept:

  1. Registration of the private limited company in India will always come with limited liability for all the promoters and the best benefit is that it will always help in protecting the personal assets of the people because there will be complete protection to the limited liability and there won’t be any kind of risk to the assets of the promoters.
  2. Another add-on advantage of the registration of a private limited company is that there will be improved credibility because improved credibility is considered to be one of the best possible ways of ensuring that the trust factor can be easily gained by that particular company in the eyes of consumers. Hence, whenever the company will be registered in the eyes of law it will be considered as a credible corporate entity in the whole world.
  3. The registration of the organisations also provides them with separate legal entity because the establishment of the separate legal entity and undertaking of the multiple opportunities is another great idea in the whole system and always helps in making sure that people will be availing multiple advantages in the long run.
  4. Registration of the company will also provide the concerned people with a proper and comprehensive exit plan because throughout the sale and dilution of the equity of the company the whole competency process will become very easy and the exit plan is very much formulated with the help of registration of the company.
  5. Whenever a company will be registered properly then it is also very much capable of attracting foreign investors and in all such cases, the company can even accept the foreign direct investment under the automatic route perfectly which will further make sure that growth prospects will always be there and the company will become very much successful in the long run.
  6. Team building-related advantages can be easily achieved by the companies with the help of this concept because the company will be very much capable of offering stock ownership and ESOP plans to the people so that they can attract and retain the talent from the industry very well.

 Apart from all the above-mentioned advantages whenever a company will be registered it will also be very much capable of attracting funding and will always have the most optimal capital structure. Hence, to register Pvt limited company is a great idea in India so that people avail all the above-mentioned advantages very easily.