Why Buy Property For Sale in Ovacik, Turkey?

property for sale in ovacik

Ovacik, near Fethiye has been an attractive tourist destination for locals and property buyers alike. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why! If you are considering purchasing or renting a property on the Aegean coast of Turkey, then this should convince you. The weather is amazing and so too are the people. Expat communities can be found in Ovacik which is close to fantastic beaches and villas. Alternatively if you want an investment property we recommend looking closer at some of the affordable apartments for sale. It’s a great place to invest – there are plenty of gorgeous beaches and amazing scenery to enjoy.

In this article, Alistair Lockhart, Director of The Turkish Property Agents, explains why the area of Ovacik on the Aegean coast is so popular. 

Where is Ovacik? 

Ovacik is on the Aegean Coast of Turkey, close to the popular harbour town of Fethiye. The beautiful town of Ovacik is surrounded by the beaches and ruins that make up Turkey’s most popular vacation spots. You can enjoy both even more with only a few minutes’ drive between each one, making your time in this area perfect for those who want to explore new places without ever being too far away from home.

The small Turkish village of Ovacik brings together two internationally famous beach towns – Fethiye and Oludeniz, as well as its own unspoiled beauty on Mount Babadag – all within driving distance so you never have to go long without exploring something new!

What is Fethiye like?

Fethiye has become a popular destination for families and retirees alike. The area is easy to access from Dalaman International Airport. Transfer times are between 30 and 45 minutes. 

The town is a beautiful all-rounder. It has the perfect mix of budget and luxury for tourists, as well as maintaining its traditional Turkish lifestyle while still being modern with international trends. There’s something here for everyone!

Fethiye, is well-connected with all major cities and resorts of the south, including Marmaris and Bodrum – some of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations. They host many glitzy hotels and sophisticated restaurants catering to a wealthy coastal crowd.

What attractions are close to Ovacik?

Ovacik is situated where the Mediterranean and Aegean meet. The place has wide variety of terrain including lush forests, rolling mountains and stunning mountain villages just a short drive away. Many of the properties for sale in the area offer expansive views from the balcony or terrace.

A few towns and villages close by include the lively town of Hisarönü, the mountain village of Köyceğiz and the abandoned ghost town of Kayakoy.

The beaches on offer within 15-20 minutes are outstandingly beautiful.

One of the most photographed places on the Mediterranean Coast is Oludeniz Beach – also known as the Blue Lagoon. 

How far is Ovacik from Oludeniz?

Ovacik is just 2 miles from Oludeniz. Nestled in the mountains of South West Turkey, Oludeniz is an ancient village with a population just under 5,000. The serenity and beauty that surrounds this charming town has attracted holidaymakers for centuries now. It’s not hard to see why though; from high sea cliffs where you can swim right into Aegean Sea water during low tide as if it were your own private pool, clear waters so blue they will take your breath away at every turn – everything about screams “relax”.

How much does property cost in Ovacik?

Alistair Lockhart, Director of The Turkish Property Agents comments: 

“Apartments in Ovacik are available from about £40K and go up from there depending on what size property you want. If you’re looking for a more substantial duplex apartment or need 3 bedrooms, on a decent development with facilities in Ovacik, the prices start from around £100k.”

As the international property market becomes increasingly popular there are many prospective homeowners who would like to purchase properties on the Aegean Coast of Turkey. This includes families, entrepreneurs and retirees looking for a new home in one of Europe’s most beautiful regions where they can live out their dreams without having to compromise lifestyle or quality-of-life with top international schools, good broadband speeds as well as low crime rates.

“If you or your family are looking for a place to run wild and explore, I highly recommend this beautiful resort town,” says Alistair Lockhart. “Villas here provide all the space that even large families will need with lots of activities available nearby. You can find everything from water sports on sandy beaches to horseback riding in the forest.”

“You can buy a 3 bedroom villa from around £100,000, with prices rising to £300,000 for high-spec, 4 bedroom villas which can be tailored to your requirements at building stage.” 


The Turkish Property Agents can help you find the perfect holiday home or investment property in or around Ovacik. They are always on top of new properties and developments in the areas of Ovacik, Hisaronu, Oludeniz and Fethiye. They offer a full range of advice to buyers who need it – not just about real estate but other things as well like legals, finance and currency exchange.

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