When Offered The Extended Warranty With Your New Motorcycle – Take It.


It is quite strange, but when people are often offered the extended warranty when they purchase a motorcycle, they seem to think that this is just the salesperson trying to add to their commission and it is of no benefit to them whatsoever. After all, why should they be buying an extended warranty on a motorcycle that is brand-new and already has a 3-to-5-year warranty when it was purchased. However, people seem to forget that this time can pass by fairly quickly because motorcycles are a lot of fun to ride. Before you know it, you’re outside your warranty period and you might just be unlucky enough to start experiencing issues with your motorcycle.

It’s no good thinking back and wishing that you should have taken the extended warranty because now it’s too late. You can’t go back into the store and ask for it now and so you have missed your opportunity. If you buy a top end motorcycle such as the Honda CB500X at Wheels Motorcycles, then you could be forgiven for believing that a quality motorcycle such as this should give you many trouble-free years of riding., You would be right, but nobody knows what lies around the corner and you could be one of the unlucky ones who experiences mechanical issues. If you’re still not convinced that taking the extended warranty is an excellent idea, then maybe these couple of reasons can help to convince you otherwise.

* Avoid costly repair bills – If you find that further down the road you are starting to experience problems with the engine, but it offers outside the manufacturer’s warranty period, then it could prove to be quite costly to get it fixed. Depending on the extent of the wear and tear on the engine it might be cheaper to replace the engine altogether. However, due to the fact that you do not have the extended warranty, this is not an option to you unless you’re prepared to put your hand in your pocket and pay out the necessary funds. Having an extended warranty on the other allows the engine to be looked at and if it is beyond repair and it wouldn’t be cost effective to fix it, then the engine will be replaced in full. You will then have the peace of mind and confidence to start planning a trip to Southampton.

* It provides you with peace of mind – This is something that all motorcycle riders should have. If you think about it for a moment, why with the manufacturer offer you extended warranty terms if they want confident in the ability of the engine in the first place. However, things can go wrong no matter how unlikely that is and if it happens to you, then you’re going to be stressing out about whether or not you can afford to get it fixed. Driving a motorcycle for many years and knowing that if there is any mechanical issue that is going to be taking care of your extended warranty will definitely help to reduce your anxiety levels and allow you to enjoy your ride more.

You need to do a quick cost analysis when you are purchasing your motorcycle and hopefully you will see that purchasing the extended warranty makes sound financial sense.