What’s The Best Way To Consume CBD Products?


As the legalization of hemp goes into its third year, CBD oil (cannabidiol) products are increasingly recommended for varied uses in the wellness community. The cannabinoid leans towards therapeutic characteristics instead of falling into an intoxicating category like its cousin (tetrahydrocannabinol) THC, which induces an intense euphoria when consuming marijuana.

It can be daunting for newcomers to the compound when pondering what are some of the best CBD products due to the sheer volume developed by manufacturers. The options mean to suit individual lifestyles, meet specific wellness needs, and achieve optimum user-friendliness as far as dosing and delivery.

Among the most favored choices include tinctures and vape in the fast-acting categories, and for oral ingestion are edibles like gummies and capsules. Topicals are also a choice for external use (these don’t reach the bloodstream.) You’ll also find novelty-infused items making the rounds on the market, like cosmetics, toothpaste, bed linens, even toothpicks. But for those who hope to receive an adequate dose, you might want to stick with the tried-and-true methodology.

What’s The Best Way To Consume CBD Products?

Numerous methods of consuming CBD (cannabidiol) oil are available for users to make delivery and dosing much more straightforward and seamless. Some items serve more in the trend category than they do as an effective tool for wellness, such as CBD-infused toothpicks.

CBD oil products that stand the test of time with the intention of therapeutic use include the vape method, tinctures, oils, topicals, capsules, and soft gels, and edibles like gummies. These consumables are the ones that most people select from when attempting to help soften symptoms from specific ailments.

But which in particular you choose is a matter of personal preference and how you want the product to work for you. Each delivery functions in a unique way. The one you opt for should meet your specific needs. Find out how to shop for cannabidiol products at https://consumerreports.org/cbd/how-to-shop-for-cbd/. Let’s look closer at each option.

** Oral Ingestion

  • Capsules: For those new to cannabidiol, ingestion is probably the most uncomplicated, most straightforward delivery. Most people take tablets in some form or another, whether it be vitamins, supplements, herbs, medication, so taking CBD in this form would be familiar and make consumption easy.

Dosing would also be straightforward because the pills offer a pre-measured amount allowing you to have a consistent concentration with every administration. That means you can determine precisely how a specific level affects you and build on that dose if you need to.

As a rule, many newcomers start at a 25 mg dosage with increases of that same dose until reaching their desired effect. The reaction time for a capsule delays due to traveling through the digestive system, but the release extends several hours throughout the day.

  • Tinctures: Other people opt for the tincture for oral ingestion. With this method, you need to use the glass dropper with markings to measure your dosage and then place those drops under the tongue on the sublingual gland. The sublingual gland offers direct access to the bloodstream. The CBD oil needs to hold in place on this gland for up to a minute to allow absorption into the bloodstream.

The tincture is a prevalent choice for many people because it’s a potent concentration, so you need a smaller dose for a similar effect, plus it takes effect faster.

  • Gummies: Edibles are another ingestible that people prefer, like gummies. These are a flavorful favorite that also comes in a pre-measured dose. If you need more than what the gummy offers, simply take more than one or for less, cut it in half.

The oral options are systemic or whole-body internal capacity instead of only external, like a topical cream that would help with a sore muscle, a tight shoulder, or skin issues.

Topical Administration

** Topical Administration

A topical application is for surface pain or aches, on the body’s exterior, not for ingestion. These are valuable in the fact that they are a quick solution for a targeted area of soreness. Sports enthusiasts prefer these for specific injuries or muscle cramps and tenderness.

You merely firmly rub the product into the specific sore area and the surrounding tissue to help alleviate inflammation and decrease the pain sensation. If you have open places on the skin, you want to avoid putting the products on those wounds.

There is a wide range of options in the topical line, whether you choose balms, salves, lotions, creams. There are also a broad spectrum of bath products and a beauty line in the same vein, including bath bombs, shampoos, cosmetics, and so much more.

Final Thought

(Cannabidiol) CBD comes in a wide array of products, some of a more trendy nature and others that lean more towards the therapeutic intention of the properties. It’s not likely that you would use a CBD-infused toothpick if you’re experiencing a sudden onset of exceptional pain. More than likely, you would use one of the oral ingestion methods, any of which will be a good option for a newcomer to the compound. Go here for guidance on making a selection.

You can also have topicals on hand with the ingestible, especially if you’re an athlete, are particularly active, or someone who suffers from specific skin issues. These go directly on the sore or achy spots to bring relief of pain sensation and potentially inflammation. Topicals don’t make it to the bloodstream.

Each delivery has its advantages and unique functionality. Your decision will be a matter of personal preference.