What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel?


A home remodeling project is a big one and undertaking it is a critical decision to make. If you are considering a bathroom remodel, then you are most probably attracted by the modern bathrooms. You will surely have a lot of expectation from the remodeling project which adds to the emotional investment you are making.

Talking about the financial investment, you are going to put in a significant amount. An average bathroom renovation Sydney costs about $20,000 to $30,000 depending on the size of the bathroom, materials used and the labor cost. If you compare this with renovation costs of any other part of the house, the cost is quite high. Wondering why? Well a bathroom remodel involves intricate plumbing work which drives the cost upwards. But don’t get demoralized, you must also look at the ROI. The average ROI for a bathroom renovation is said to be around 65%.

The costs involved in a bathroom remodel

When you pick up a bathroom remodeling work for your home, you must understand that no two things will cost the same. Hence it is important that you consult an expert, understand the various aspects of renovation and plan your budget well. While factoring in the major expenses, you must start by earmarking budget for the labor cost which will form about 20% of the total expense. Depending on the type of work the labor cost will vary, for instance labor cost for plumbing will be different as compared to tile work or cabinet repair. You will need to hire plumbers, electricians, painters and general contractors.

Does this sound overwhelming and you are thinking of doing a DIY? You must stop right there. Working with intricate plumbing, delicate fixtures and electricity is not an easy task. It is best to hire a professional service provider who has the requisite experience and expertise. You would not want to end up with a subpar modern bathroom remodel that is way below what you expected the result to look like, isn’t it?

Tile installation: the most investment intensive aspect of the remodel

There are several factors that make tile installation expensive. The first expense is preparing the space for installation, which includes removal of existing flooring and laying out a layer of binding material. During the removal of old flooring, dust becomes a major issue so steps need to be taken to control the dust, like temporarily sealing the vents, floor and walls.

If you opt for a heater floor system you will need to put in some more bucks. But what you get in return is the comfort of walking on a warm floor even during the most cold days. Installation of tiles on walls costs more than the installation on floor. Steps of underlayment and waterproofing get added when we talk about walls and hence the additional cost.

When you consider remodeling your bathroom, you must map out your budget and then plan the type of flooring you want. If you are replacing the tiles around the shower and bath rub do not forget the essential step of waterproofing as this will add to the longevity of the tiles.