What is Strength Training and How it Can Boosts Your Health?


You will be amazed to know that certain training types that can improve your heart health, build your bones, muscles bigger and stronger while improving your overall look. Sound good, right? Well, strength training offers all these benefits and many more.

Now, what strength training is? It is any exercise that leads to the contraction of muscles against any external resistance force. This type of activity helps improve the strength, tone your body, strengthen your mass and endurance.

How Strength Training Works?

It strengthens our muscles by causing microscopic damage, which is quickly repaired by our body, and the newly generated muscles are bigger and stronger. The phenomenon of breaking muscles is known as “catabolism,” and the process of regeneration is known as “anabolism.” When muscles cells break growth hormone rush to the damaged muscles cells and repair it thus making it stronger in the process. For this you don’t need to go out because of ongoing pandemic (Covid 19), you can buy Full Body Resistance Trainer Kit online for the best results at home.

How Much Resistance Training is Good?

This is a very important question, and you must not think that doing a lot of resistance training will yield results quicker. On the contrary, it can cause further damage to your muscle’s cells. If you are looking for maximum results, you must follow a term known as progressive overload, which means that you start at a low count, and as days pass, you increase the number of repetitions or weight as this will give your body a proper time to repair your muscles.

Now let us look at some of the benefits of strength training:

Makes You Stronger- The benefit is quite apparent; strength training improves your physical strength in the long run. Strength training is also known as a resistance training as it is a process by which strength of muscles are increased by external resistance force.

Regulates Body Fat- Most of us are suffering from obesity and weight gain in the present world. It also helps you to burn calories quickly, so irradicating a chance of weight gain and improving your metabolism in the long run.

Decreased Risk of Injury- When you go through rigorous strength training, your muscles and bones become stronger, reducing an injury’s chances. Improves strength will also help your body to be more immune to injuries and general aches and pains.


If you are interested in strength training and don’t have access to gym or expensive weight machines. You can buy Home Workout Resistance Bands for Sale Online or do several exercises in-home, such as push-ups, crunches, planks, Squatting, and many more. The only thing you need is will and persistence, and if you have these, you are good to go.