What Changes Hits The Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 In 2021?


International students staying back in Australia right after their graduation through the temporary graduate visa subclass 485 are increasing rapidly. As of March 2020, there have been around 97,000 transient graduate students. The Visa Subclass 485 is a unique visa the provides international students with the opportunity to live and work within the nation for a short time. To become eligible, they have to graduate from an Australian university. But currently, the Australian governments have made some changes within the 485 visa streams.

What are the changes made in Visa 485?

The series of amendments that have been made in all the streams of the graduate visa 485 is mainly for the international students who are affected by the COVID-19 travel restrictions. Given below are the changes, which the government has made on the visa. Check it out!
1- Graduates affected by the travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are eligible to apply for the temporary graduate visa 485 offshore. But to qualify, they must carry a Student Visa for the last 12-months.
2- Individuals who wish to become eligible for Visa subclass 485 must complete their education from a regional institute. He/she must stay for 2-years within the restricted area immediately right before they apply for the student work visa.
3- The visa subclass 485 holders who have already lived within cosmopolitan Australia are eligible to apply for their second post-study work visa with no hassle.
4- The second prospective subclass 485 applicants must apply for the visa while living in Australia. Their visa will be granted during a concession period if they are outside of Australian soil.

What exactly is the visa subclass 485?

The temporary graduate visa subclass 485 is ideal for all those international students who wish to live, work or even study within Australia. The avenue favours all those individuals who want to obtain a full-time work experience within Australia. Doing so will enable them to add a lot more prestige to their work resume. This particular pathway will help in complementing the academic qualification right before the candidate returns to their birth country. Overall, visa subclass 485 will help all international students pursue their dream of living, gaining work experience, or obtaining an extra qualification in Australia.

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Types of streams available for subclass 485

The 485-subclass visa carries two streams, such as the graduate workstream and the post-study workstream. So, the length of an individual’s stay will depend entirely on the stream they take. To understand what these two streams have in store, check the information below.

1- Graduate Work Stream:

The Graduate Work Stream is for students who recently completed a 2-year advanced diploma or just a diploma qualification. The visa will enable them to work, live and study within the nation for 18-months. To qualify for this visa, interested individuals must meet all the required specifications, such as acquiring an English test score, applying within a limited timeframe, etc. To gain more information on the visa, the Migration Agent Adelaide will assist and guide the candidates.

2- Post-Study Work Stream:

The stream is for those students who graduated from an Australian institute. With the help of this particular stream, individuals are eligible to live in Australia for 24-months. To apply for the visa, all international students must complete all the specific requirements to proceed further. Also, to apply for the visa, you do not need a complete skill assessment for it.

How to apply for the visa subclass 485?

Applying for visa subclass 485 will not be that difficult, and one doesn’t require any extra skill or knowledge for it. Individuals must gather all the required documents and fill out the visa application form with the correct details. The entire process will be conducted online, and interested students are free to contact the professional Immigration Agent Adelaide if they are confused or do not know to proceed with the visa application.
Once all the information is okay, all that is to do next is submit all the documents. Before submitting, candidates must go through each of the papers one last time. By doing so, all the errors and mistakes can be avoided, and even information is missing, he/she can provide it immediately. The processing time of visa 485 might take between 5 months to 6 months for the graduate stream, and post-study one will take six months to 12 months.

How will the immigration agents help?

Individuals who are applying for visa 485 for the first time might find the entire process a bit difficult to handle. There are several documents and paperwork, which they have to fulfill to get visa approval. For such reasons, opting for professional help will be an excellent choice.The Visa Agent Adelaide, who are highly skilled and experienced, can assist candidates on such matters.
They have helped many international students before and are well aware of the steps of applying for a visa. Firstly, the agent will provide an overview of the visa and what it has in store. Learning and understanding about the visa will make the visa application process a lot easier for the students.
The agents will help you until the very end and make sure that you do not experience unwanted problems. The agents will also provide some formation about the various institute, life in Australia, and the types of jobs that are in high demand. They also offer counseling services and answer all the questions and clear away all the doubts for their students. Taking their services will help you complete the visa application on time and save plenty of money and energy.

Ending Note

Visa 485 has become pretty popular among all international students. Students who have decided to apply for the visa in 2021 must check and follow the changes. You can go through all the changes that have to take place within visa subclass 485 due to the travel restrictions for the pandemic. Before you decide to apply for it. Doing so will make the visa application process a hassle-free and stress-free one for you.