What can one do in Vail?


Vail is a world-famous location because of its amazing ski resorts that have propelled it to be one of the most toured places in the continental United States. And while one can enjoy this activity in Vail, it is by no means the only attraction that is available to a tourist on their visit to Vail. There are several other attractions that one can visit and activities that one can partake in besides skiing in Vail.

Here are some of the top places to visit and activities to do in Vail.

  1. Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens is named after Betty Ford, the wife of President Gerald R. Ford, and it had been one of their favorite places to spend their time during breaks. Vail had been the go-to destination for the pair on their vacation, and it is not a surprise as Vail has a beauty that enchants everybody. In the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, there is a Vail Segway Tour that would take you around a quick sightseeing tour and is recommended for everybody.

  1. Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum

Yes, you read that right; there is a Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum, and what better place to have it than at the Ski capital of the US, at Vail. In this Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum, there are six galleries fully dedicated to the beginning of the town of Vail, and events like the Winter Olympics can be found as well as notable athletes.

  1. Hiking the Vail Mountain

If you are a hiker or someone who just wants to start their hiking adventure, then there are few better places in the world than hiking on Vail Mountain. It is a six-mile hiking adventure that would offer travelers some mesmerizing scenery that would forever leave an impression on their minds. And the best part about this is that this is completely free.

  1. Vail Scenic Gondolas

If hiking is not your scene, then there are other ways for you to enjoy the enchanting scenery that Vail Mountain offers, which is through the Vail Scenic Gondolas. One can easily use these Gondolas to go to the top of the mountain and, during the journey, intake the beauty that this trip has to offer.

  1. Gore Range Trail

Cycling on Gore Range Trail is one of those off-season activities that you have to do to make the most of your trip to Vail. It is a 45-mile long range that goes directly through the White River National Forest, and you easily join several parties that go through this range every day.

The easiest way to reach Vail is by hiring a transportation service that can facilitate your dia to vail trip and allow you to enjoy the ride on the iconic I-70. No matter what you include in your itinerary, you can have endless things to explore in Vail. Now, book your ride from Denver International Airport to Vail and enjoy your trip to the fullest.