WatchCartoonOnline 2021: Watch Free Cartoons Online With Alternatives


Watch Cartoons Online are most likely the best-cherished recollections anybody can have. They are amusing to watch and show us life exercises in a manner nobody can expound. Regardless of what the age is, kid’s shows without a doubt acquire a pleasant factor in everybody’s life. Babies, just as grown-ups, love to watchcartoononline and animes. In any case, there are numerous gold kid’s shows with fantastic exercises, which are not broadcasted on TV now.

Picking the best animation streaming site online can assist you with the present circumstance. In the event that you have occasions and need to make the most of your leisure time by watching kid’s shows or animes, Watchcartoononline is a finished arrangement. Watchcartoononline permits you to stream boundless kid’s shows and animes at no expense. You can look for your number one youth kid’s shows and get adolescents’ vibe once more.

A few sites permit you to watch kid’s shows on the web, however not every one of them looks after norms. In this article, we will give a concise outline of the WatchCartoonOnline site, where you can watch kid’s shows, without mistakes and streams. It is a very much kept up animation streaming channel for quite a long time, which gives you admittance to practically all, kid’s shows on the web.

Likewise, we will examine some other approved elective watch kid’s shows online sites that can make your days off thrilling.

Table of Contents


1. KissAnime


KissAnime is one of the most popular alternatives for watchcartoononline. It is also a huge database which contains old and latest collection of animes from around the world. You can find different genres collection on this online portal. Moreover, recently optimizations are made so that KissAnime can provide a seamlessly excellent experience on smartphones.

2. 9Anime

9anime similar like WatchCartoonsOnline

9Anime is another anime streaming website. You can find popular and latest animes on this web portal. In case the anime you wish to watch is not available on the 9Anime official website, then you can place a request for the show, and it will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Most importantly, the website lacks to provide a user-friendly interface to its users, because of which it is not so popular among the folks.

 3. CartoonCrazy

cartooncrazy same fan following of WatchCartoonOnline

Cartooncrazy is one of the favorite websites of kids. It has a vast collection of cartoons, animes, movies, and TV shows. Also, the website is simple and easy to use and has a flexible UI design.

Moreover, all the elements of the official website are organized in a pretty good manner, which makes searching cartoons and animes easy. Once you have found the cartoon or anime you want to watch, you can either online stream them or download them for later access. In short, cartooncrazy is the best alternative or watchartoononline for kids.

4. Vudu

Watch Cartoon online for free on vudu

Vudu is another website like watchcartoononline, but it has a bit different working process. Users can buy, rent, and watch movies and different shows on Vudu. Users do not need to signup to watch cartoons and TV shows. They can begin watching directly without can subscription fees. Moreover, the Vudu website has a Vudu app that allows users to access all cartoons, TV shows, movies, and much more through their smartphones.

5. OtakuStream

Watch online cartoon for free on otakustream

If you love watching anime series, TV shows, and movies, then OtaukuStrem is another amazing free alternative website for watchcartoononline. The UI and UX of this website are designed in a thoughtful manner, which helps to access, navigating, and finding cartoon content easily. Also, like watchcartoononline, you can find different genres collection on OtakuStream. Some of the popular genre collection are as follows.

  1. Comedy
  2. Drama, Horror
  3. Thriller
  4. Action
  5. Romance
  6. Journey

FAQs for WatchCartoonsOnline

1. Is there an App for WatchCartoonOnline?  

Watchcartoononline is a famous anime and cartoon streaming website, where you can online stream or download entertainment content easily. Watchcartoononline offers a user-friendly mobile application that users prefer using in their daily routine.

2. Is WatchCartoonOnline a legal website?  

Watchcartoononline does video piracy at a global level, and doing video piracy is illegal. Hence, watchcartoononline is also an illegal website. It is a huge collection of cartoons, animes, and movies, but all of them have piracy issues. It is the reason watchcartoononline is banned in many countries around the world.

3. Is it possible to view and stream videos for free on WatchCartoonOnline?

Watchcartoononline is a free web portal that allows you to watch different categories of cartoons, animes, and movies, all free of cost. You do not have to pay some monthly or yearly subscriptions as for other websites. You just have to search for the content and then start online streaming or downloading in no time.

4. Are there any mirror sites available for WatchCartoonOnline?

Like most of the other websites on the internet, watchcartoononline also has proxy and mirror links that help unblock the original content using a completely different domain name. Some of the mirror site links are as below.

5. Do we need a VPN to use the website?

Some countries have banned the website because of piracy and copyright issues. So, if you are willing to use the website in such countries, you will need a strong VPN for this purpose.

6. Can a user request an anime or cartoon on the website?

Watchcartoononline loves receiving feedback from its users. It has amazing features, which allow users to request cartoons or amines of their choice, which are not already available on the official website.

7. Which are the best alternative legal and illegal websites for watchcartoononline?

The best legal alternative websites for watchcartoononline are as follows

  1. Youtube
  2. Disney Now
  3. Cartoon Community
  4. Crackle

The best illegal alternative websites for watchcartoononline are as follows.

  1. KissAnime
  2. Cucirca
  3. 9Anime
  4. Cartooncrazy
  5. Vudu
  6. OtakuStream
  7. KissCartoon
  8. GoGoAnime