Unique and Rare Punjabi Sikh Baby and Baby Girl Names


Selecting the right name for your child can be a Herculean task when you don’t have the right information to guide you. It’s even more difficult when you have to select Unique and Rare Punjabi Sikh Baby and Baby Girl Names.

The Old and Best Punjabi Name for Boys and Girls can’t just be heard everywhere although they are more common in some parts of the world. After having a child you probably want a name that reflects your family values and culture which is why this a process that should not be taken with levity as a good name sticks with a person for life.

Before selecting the right name for that child you are expecting or recently had, you have to ensure it is something that you can relate with, a name that you love and a name that your child will love. In order to select the best names you have to know their meanings and origin to ensure that you select the right name. This can be done with the aid of a translator which ensures that you get what you’re hoping for, in this article you will find Punjabi Female and Male Names List with Meanings.

When having or expecting a male child, you want to ensure that you have options of Punjabi Boy Names. The following are a list of Punjabi Baby Boy Names and their meanings. Chetanjeet can be translated to mean “conqueror of the consciousness” or “spirit of life”, Livtar means “unending love” or “adoration for God”, Ojas meaning “ full of brilliance and strength” and Jaguar which is simply a awakened soul and enlightenment.

Punjabi Baby Girl Names  are to be considered when you are naming a female child. There is an endless list of options you should consider for your daughter. The names for your Punjabi Baby Girl which you should consider and their meanings include Amanroopt which stands for “embodiment of peace”, Gurshant meaning “attaining peace through the word of the guru”, Harsharan is “the one who takes shelter in God” and Gregoria which is stated to mean someone that is very powerful or competent.

As cultures keep evolving with changes in religion a lot of Modern Baby Boy and Girl Names in Punjabi have come into existence, these names reflect changes into the modern religions and cultural changes. The Latest and New Punjabi Names for Baby Boys and Girls you should consider selecting if you were in search of modern names include Raushan which is translated to mean a famous or illustrious person, Tarunpal which is an embodiment of youthfulness and Manraj meaning one who rules over hearts.

Whether you are having a Punjabi Baby Boy or a Punjabi Baby Girl the name you select will play a vital role and shape the identity which the child carries about for the rest of his life. In some cases people prefer the names which they heard growing up and want something similar for the baby. The Old and the Best Punjabi Names for Boys and Girls are Pataav meaning to be agile and clever, Maandhata which means an “ancient king” and Badrinath translated as “lord of mount badri”

Before you pick a name for your child eventually you have to make sure to know enough about the name because a name sticks throughout a person’s life and also plays an important role in how he or she is addressed.