Unexpected Expenses When Installing An Inground Pool In Your Home


Home renovations for the summer can include a variety of additions to your garden and deck, but one of the most popular is getting yourself a pool. After all, we all want that house in the suburbs like the Sopranos don’t we? However, sometimes the bills stack up quickly, especially if you start renovating without planning ahead. Here are some unexpected expenses you should think about before you start your renovation. 

Hot Tubs: Optional But Can be Costly

Many pools come with the optional addition of a fixed hot tub, and home owners sometimes forget to consider how much would an inground hot tub cost to install. More often than not the price of installing the pool does not include the hot tub, even if the photos in a brochure had the hot tub included, so it’s best to ask clear questions from your contractor. Ask for a detailed breakdown of what is included before hiring a contractor,  so you can be realistic with your expectations. 

Running Costs And Maintenance

Just because you have enough money to install an inground pool (whether you include the hot tub or not) it does not necessarily mean you can afford to get one. Many homeowners fail to take into account the running costs of a pool. This includes cleaning, materials (chemicals) to balance water levels, the cost of filling the pool and even the cost of winterizing a swimming pool. You may find that the monthly expenses are out of your normal budget even if you can afford the upfront cost of installation. Maintaining a pool is sanctuary conditions and ensuring that you do not damage the infrastructure can quickly become a burden. Add to that the option of heating the pool (or hot tub) and you may find that you cannot afford to get a pool at all.

Homeowners Insurance Or Property Taxes

Always check with your local authorities and Insurance company if there will be an increase in payments after you install a pool. Many people only come to know about the added monthly expenses after they’ve already installed the pool and there’s no going back. 

Fences, Furniture And Landscaping

Very rarely does anyone get a backyard pool without thinking about renovating the surroundings appropriately. The contractor that installs the pool for you will not be responsible for getting your backyard looking pool-ready, nor will they provide pool furniture. Take these costs into account before you install your pool because they are part of the initial expenses you will need to pay. You may think that this is unnecessary but the moment you have a pool party and no where to lounge while you have a sip on a cold beverage, you’ll realize just how important pool furniture and other functional design elements are 

The Bottom Line

Before you start your renovation project, it is important to ask the right questions when it comes to prices. This can help you avoid financial issues during construction, and the stress and anxiety that comes with it.