Track your child activities with cell phone tracker app


Tracking your child activities is becoming a common activity for the parents for the greater good of their kids in multiple ways. The kids have got their hands at internet and social media and get affected by the cyber criminals.

The parents’ primary responsibility is to protect the kids from all the harms that can be posed to them physically and virtually.

It is observed that kids that use unmonitored internet are more prone to have issues pertaining to harassment and cyber bullying. The cases are increasing day by day because the parents that remain busy in their social and professional fixtures do not find a reasonable patch of time to monitor their kids for the activities, thus allowing the crime prone individuals have a feast by blackmailing and bullying the kids earn their illegitimate interests.

The experts draw the parents’ attention towards the issue so that kids security and safety may not get compromised. The experts proposed that parents should be using a cell phone tracker app for maintaining a strong check on their kids.

The concerns of the parents

Kids, over the internet get connected with the irrelevant and unconcerned, unidentified individuals that try to know about their life secrets.  These cyber criminals look to exploit kids to reveal their parents’ financial credentials and want to gain monetary benefits.

The criminals get this executed by harassing and bullying them. Moreover, the issue of viewing inappropriate content is prevailing nowadays. A number of kids having internet access get addicted to viewing below standard and immoral content that affect their moral and social standing.

So, the parents need to devise a mechanism that can address the discussed issues actively by all means. The can be number of solutions to address the problem, let’s discuss them.

The solutions for the parents

1. The most widely considered solution is the manual monitoring of the kids over there all the activities and take ups. But parents cannot incorporate this in their busy professional and social schedule. So, this is phased out.

2. The best solution that is thought after the mentioned one is the use of cell phone tracker app. A fine cell phone tracker app can actively record and monitor each and every bit of communication that is taken up over the target cell phone. So, the use of cell phone tracker is the most viable solution for the parents in addressing their issues.

The best cell phone tracker app – TheOneSpy

A plenty of services are there that seek to monitor the kids activities over their cell phones, but many of them have no real offer at all. The one that we found as best is TheOneSpy. It has out of the box solutions and features to capture each and every bit of activity of the kid over their mobile phone.

It can be installed on iPhone and android devices, the kid does not get any hint of the spying activity that is taken up using the cell phone tracker app. We will the promising features of the app.

Allows blocking and filtering websites

It allows the parents to block a number of websites that contain inappropriate content for the child. After blocking, the child will not be able to access the blocked websites from the cell phone.

Social media monitoring

All the chats, multimedia, voice notes can be monitored remotely from the end-user’s device. The parent can view and read all the chats extensively. The VoIP and video calls can also be recorded for later reference. The parent can also listen to these calls remotely.

The password chaser

The feature actively identifies the password of all the installed applications on the target cell phone. Thus providing the parent with a real-time insight into all the child’s whereabouts.

Location tracking

The parent can pinpoint the real-time location of the child at any point of time. The movement can also be restricted to certain premises by using geo-fencing features of the spy app.

Other features

Surround recording, screen recording, internal storage tracking


The tracking of child’s activities by using cell phone tracker app is discussed. TheOneSpy is the best service in this aspect. The promising features are also discussed.