Top Hollywood Celebrities with Most Instagram Followers


If you’re not using social networking sites for the company, odds are you’re sharing bits and pieces of your life with your online friends. Instagram is a social media platform that allows people to do just that. Well, nowadays, you can easily buy real Instagram likes and grow your profile exponentially without wasting any time. However, celebrities do not need to do that as they already have millions of fans accessing their profile every hour.

Instagram has a global user base of just more than 1 billion people. The chance to interact with your favorite Instagram celebrities, like top Hollywood celebrities, is also what makes it interesting. About every celebrity has an Instagram account, which has a million followers across the globe. Throughout the years, these personalities have amassed millions of fans. Here are top Hollywood stars with the most Instagram followers you must know about. 

Vin Diesel (63.9 Million)

Vin Diesel’s Instagram has also been portrayed as a “way into his beautiful soul” by a poet. He not just posts obligatory movie ads, but he also includes lots of adorable photos of his family. The star is known professionally in the film series “Fast and Furious.”

Ariana Grande (227 M)

Ariana Grande is the name of Heaven, and she is a goddess. The pop star is no newcomer to making headlines, whether it be with chart-topping songs or bravely sharing her own mental wellbeing. She tweets videos of herself goofing around with her peers while she isn’t posting behind-the-scenes photos from her premiering tours or Coachella sets.

Rihana (98.3M)

Rihanna is always in the limelight for sharing some NSFW photographs on Instagram in the past, and she really vanished from the app for 6 months in 2014, presumably because her account was blocked due to the kind of content she was posting. She returned, however, and despite the fact that her posts have been far more SFW, she is still a force to be reckoned with.

Her profile image is still the classic stick figure painting, but she likes to brag about her makeup line and model photoshoots on her feed.

Ellen DeGeneres (96.4M)

While Ellen DeGeneres’ primary Instagram account, @theellenshow, has over 88 million followers, she does have hundreds of thousands of followers on other profiles. She maintains her foundation, the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund, on @theellenfund, while marketing her merchandise on @theellenshop. (Her wife Portia de Rossi still has a lot of pictures of her on her Instagram.)

Ryan Reynolds (37.1M)

Ryan Reynolds, arguably among Hollywood’s most popular actors, has 36 million Instagram followers. Vancityreynolds is the name of the Hollywood star’s Instagram website. Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram account is full of funny videos, much like his comedic hit films. Other well-known Hollywood stars, such as Dwayne Johnson and Josh Brolin, often star in these stories.

Kourtney Kardashian (115M)

Kourtney Kardashian has over 91 million Instagram followers despite being the eldest and (arguably) least scandalous of the Kardashian siblings. Despite being tied to Justin Bieber in the past, the reality tv star, as well as mother of three’s co-parenting arrangement with ex Scott Disick, has always been the focus of many “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” narratives.

Dwayne Johnson (226M)

Dwayne Johnson, alias The Rock, has recently increased his Instagram activity. Rather than shooting plain old selfies, he often records himself communicating to the camera as a video post or photographs himself in scenes or even on set from one of the many films in which he appears.

Even though The Rock is the second highest paying actor in the world behind George Clooney, he doesn’t often lose a day for a tweet, and it’s not unusual for him to post twice or three times per day. He is one of the most popular Instagram celebrities, with over 199 million followers.

Jessica Alba (18.8M)

Jessica Alba seems to live an entertaining and luxurious Hollywood life with her adorable fans, based on her Instagram profile. Everywhere she travels, she shares a mix of fun and relaxed photographs, as well as a lot of community and individual selfies, as well as the occasional quotes or plug for her business, The Honest Company. She constantly updates her profile with posts and reels for her fans and keeps her profile active most of the time.

Jennifer Lopez (138M)

Jennifer Lopez has been in the film business for more than two decades. She is without a doubt the best performer in the Americas. J-Lo has starred in many Hollywood hit films, the most recent of which is Hustlers. The stunning actress seems to never age or go out of style!

Her Instagram account is full of funny skits, well-edited style videos, and even dance and music posts. Sign in to catch up with the young actor and singer alongside the other 73 million Instagram followers.

Well, the list is long, but for now, we have shared these celebrities from the Hollywood ruling Instagram these days.