Time to pamper those rosy lips


From a parent’s care to a spouse’s promise to a child’s love, lips deliver them all. Lips are not just any other body part; they are communicators of your expressions and feelings, yet the majority do not follow a dedicated care regime for them. Well, it’s time for enlightenment!

The skin of our lips, unlike other parts of the face, have a very thin protective layer which provides it poor defence function and low moisture retaining capacity. As a result, they are prone to become chapped, dry, flaky, and dull due to the changing environmental factors (sun, wind, and temperatures) and behaviour factors (smoking, lip-biting). All these symptoms can be easily avoided or treated with a disciplined lip care regime.

The lip care regime is fairly straightforward – hydrate and exfoliate, that’s it.

Hydrate – Whenever your lips tend to feel dry, pamper them liberally with a natural lip balm which adds that needed moisture to your lips. If your outside exposure is high, then choose a lip balm that contains SPF.

Exfoliate – Exfoliation helps in the elimination of dry and flaky skin and thereby renewing lip shine, softness and subtleness. Just like our skin, lip scrub is how you can exfoliate your lips.

Lip scrub is a combination of two types of ingredients: an emollient and an exfoliant. Emollient which is plant seed butter or oils provides the hydrating base to exfoliate and thus makes application easy. The exfoliant in the majority of the lip scrubs is sugar which gently exfoliates the delicate lip skin getting rid of dull flakes. This combination works its charm to keep lips moisturised and smooth.

Pretty simple, right! But there is a question; how to select a good lip scrub?

It is natural to feel overwhelmed with the number of lip scrubs that are available in the market. While they offer you enough choice but at the same time be very careful and check ingredients before you pick one. The golden rule is going for a natural and organic one. Don’t fret, buy Online Lip Scrub in India at Kamree.

Kamree Lip Scrub is enriched with raw cane sugar for gentle exfoliation and liquorice, rambutan and dates extract to render nourished & conditioned lips. It also removes pigmentation and tan from your lips and helps in retaining them naturally red/ pink. Buy online lip scrub in India that says no to phthalates, parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrance, and artificial flavours and is proudly a Made in India product.

How to apply

A pea-sized amount of scrub should be gently massaged onto your lips for approximately 30 seconds and then left on lips for 10 minutes to soak in nourishing oils. Then rinse it with warm water and seal the nourishment with the application of lip balm.

Soft and smooth lips post lip scrub are likely to tempt you to repeat it again but be very careful not to over-exfoliate. It is advised to exfoliate twice a week only. Last but certainly not the least, for best lip health, keep yourself hydrated and avoid picking or biting of your lips.

Remember, lips, however rosy, if not nourished well, end up in just lip service!